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Author Topic: air/space craft accident leading to military attack  (Read 730 times)

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March 29, 2019, 09:23:40 PM
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The KGB was aware of U2 overflights since at least 1958. (Btw, the CIA was FURIOUS that Gary Powers had let himself be taken alive. He had some saxitocin (poison) on him that he was supposed to have taken). No reports of crashes in the area have come out from either the USSR or the USA in the years since the end of the Cold War, though of course the incidents could still be classified....though there really doesn't seem to be a good reason for keeping such things secret.

..which brings me to the next question. I'm going to Washington, DC, at the end of April. Let me know if you want me to look up any documents while I am there. Military weaponry and aircraft are not my areas of expertise. Please contact me soon if interested since I may need to file a Freedom of Information Act request.

We know there were no CIA assets anywhere nearby. The idea is laughable. The Americans didn't know what isotopes the Soviets were using and tried other means to find out. Even by the time of Nixon's visit in the early 70s they were still trying to find out more about the yields of the plants in the Urals.

I don't think the radioactivity came from any weapons or flights. I've assumed since I heard of the incident that it was radioactive dust sprayed or dusted onto one or two of the hikers who worked in the nuclear industry and thus had classified knowledge. Intelligence wanted to trace their movements and ensure they didn't defect. That was a KGB trick: use a particular isotope and then follow the "piste" to make sure, say, that the person hadn't gone to a foreign embassy. That would explain why a Geiger counter was brought to the hill so quickly. The KGB usually did this kind of thing in remote areas and/or in what was called the Third World, which is where I experienced it--doing it in the West would cause too many repercussions for their own agents. (Detente actually worked: the radiation poisonings in London were much bolder than the events of the Cold War).

So that brings up the question of how the dust got on the students. I suspect the incident at the police station, but it could have been with them from the start.

March 30, 2019, 10:16:25 AM
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Therefore this discussion at the given forum already is malicious offtop.
I reply longer and then do not submit.
My theory is, bear with me, that an accident happened to some kind of (possibly top secret) aircraft high in the air, maybe even a reentry capsule from a space test, and the debris fell all over the area. a team of military were sent to recover the debris and to cleanup the evidence, and to their surprise spotted the tent of the Dyatlov expedition, being them possible witnesses of the accident, the decision was made to silence them by staging their death.
I try to support Webby new beginner post and agreed, I do not do it successfully.  I will not try.  Not malicious.
Rockets are old things to a sailor.  If there is one type of boating safety equipment you are unlikely to use until you need it in an emergency, it's pyrotechnic visual distress signals - as in flares, rockets, smoke signals, and other attention getting devices that burn, sputter, smoke or explode. Their intended purpose is to summon help should the need arise and should be displayed only when immediate or potential danger exists.   Rockets that go 1km. high and use bright magnesium fire and parachute can be seen for 75 km. 

People make little rockets for fun.  In America these toys are available to people. The NAR supports all aspects of safe consumer sport rocket flying, from small model rockets with youth groups to very large high power rockets with serious adult hobbyists. It is a recognized national authority for safety certification of consumer rocket motors and user certification of high- power rocket fliers in the U.S. It is the author of safety codes for the hobby that are recognized and accepted by manufacturers and public safety officials nationwide.   They launch toy rockets.  if you wish to reuse your rocket you put a parachute on it.  Some people place also flare like the boat flares to watch where toy comes down.  So don't lose the toy.

Maybe engineers building and testing military rockets are also so smart.  Maybe they launch rocket test stages with flare and parachute so that the military can find the pieces of the secret rocket when they land so spies do not steal.  Imagine that such a rocket like SAM were test fired in some place.  If a first stage rocket goes to 5 km, it is visible for great distance - hundreds kilometers.  So you go far away to test it where no people are.  If you send rocket to 33 km, how far to go so no people see it in sky coming down in parachute after all fuel burns up?  Far, far away.  But I say nothing if this is done in USSR.

That is all I say I am done.

April 09, 2019, 02:18:11 AM
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All theories about militarry tests does not make any sence.

If military make some bomb/weapon tests, they also want to see the effects. During every test must be minimaly present an observer, or observation team for effects evaluation in drop zone. This tests are usualy documentated very well by video records, photos because of effeciency evaluation. Why to test something when you cannot see the effects?
Especially why to make it at night? In year 1959 when does not exist any night vision items? What is the sence of this "test"?

Any observer will never give a green light to bomb drop in case of spot 9 persons in drop area.

Check this vide of weapon tests in soviet union. You can see the whole observation staff. (Generals, ambulance, cameramans, delegations, etc..)

I served in military. When we were in natural shooting range and in drop zone was located an animal, then we had to immediatelly stop the fire till the animal left the drop zone. (Real situation was different when CO was not presented) If there will be a human body, than it will be very big broblem. If we will have 9 human in drop zone, than I cannot imagine, that we should continue with firing.

Take in mind that Dyatlavovs were loyal, yound engineers - the future of Soviet Union, so I cannot see any reason why to kill them by Goverment.


April 12, 2019, 11:21:21 PM
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So I agree now yes no military test involved. Glad question answered. Off.