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April 08, 2019, 09:35:39 AM
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First of all, compliment to your internet portal which is dedicated to the tragedy that occurred 60 years ago.
I hope that everyone, together with the newly opened case, will come at least close to the truth. This deserves the victims, their relatives and we all.
 I will not say anything new when I say that all theories (these are about 75) of the avalanche, furnace, wind, various sound frequencies, UFO, snow man ... contain at least a shadow of doubt. More or less.
I agree with all those who claim that the autopsy was done very superficially. The conclusion was that more or less all died due to the hypothermia. And even the results of the autopsy in the details are highly controversial about the hypothermia. The important question is how and why the injuries came from the time they left the tent until the death. In general, all casualties have minor or major injuries, as if they were involved in a fight. Nobody in common sense, whatever happens, would not go voluntarily in the socks 1500 m and left shoes in the tent at such weather conditions.
There are only two options: whether he was forced into such an act or he was not at that moment in normal mind.
 It's also amazing for me that from nine young, physically well-prepared people, no one survive until the morning come. Despite the fact that they managed to burn the fire. And a fire that was not very small. If you were to maintain it and sit around the fire, then at least someone should not die from the hypothermia, even if it was very cold. Of course, I do not want to compare my case with them but I have own experience because I spent seven days with a group of people in a tent in the mountains (ordinary military tent), in similar winter conditions (wind, snow, -15 degrees Celsius) without major problems. The key to everything is the answer to the question of what happened in or near the tent at the beginning of the night. Was it the decision to descend 1500 m lower under coercion or not?
Above all, we need to distance ourselves from believing in a thing just because we want to believe in it.
I hope that this year we will be able finally find answer to the all unanswered questions so far.
What I wrote is only my personal opinion and no claim.
Best regards to all of you