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Author Topic: Russian speakers: "Compelling unknown / overwhelming force" - mistranslated?  (Read 25 times)

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October 16, 2019, 01:35:09 AM
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In english language writing about the Dyatlov Pass Incident it is often stated that the official investigation concluded that the Dyatlov group succumbed to either a "compelling unknown force" or "overwhelming force".

But reading through the Resolution to close the case, from which I believe this originates, I wonder if something hasnt been lost in translation?

The original choice of words in Russian seems to be "стихийная сила".

I am not a Russian speaker so the following observations are from Google Translate and dictionaries online. In other words, I need help from Russian speakers to sort this out.

Google translate suggests two translations for"стихийная сила": "elemental force" or "force of nature". This search on The Russian Free Dictionary seems to imply that "стихийная" has implications of "nature" and is related to e.g. phrases like "natural disaster".

What I'm wondering is if the authors of the report were more or less trying to convey "death from exposure", but with an uncommon turn of phrase?

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