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WAB, is this photo taken from a place on your map?
Remember, when the death of an individual in the den is scrutinized, and a cause purported, the cause must not only be sufficient to cause lethality.  For these two victims, there certainly was sufficient energy to kill them.  The woman was supposed to have jumped from a high building in New York, for suicide.  Yes, she doesn't look so bad, but her autopsy would have shown much different damage than the Dyatlov victim. 
PS. Incidentally, she appears to have a stripped daffodil in her left hand, and marbling on her left cheek. Thus, the picture seems to be taken hours after her demise. There seems to be no blood. Was this a disguised homicide, a fake suicide? Hmmm…

PPS. Yes, two deaths - the other hides in plain sight.

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WAB, first of all thank you sooooo much for taking the time before your trip, where ever it is. I like going places with no Internet. When to expect you back?

It will be tomorrow (April, 24th) in the evening.

1. On your map - "Place of crash", what is this? What crash? You think they fell from 8m hence the injuries of LD, SZ and TB? If yes, then how did they get to where they were found?

Yes. If to tell shortly: They (Ljuda, Simeon and Alexander Kolevatov) have found wounded man Tibo on the third stone ridge (there where the lantern on Maslennikov's scheme is designated) and bore it therefrom on the easiest and equal way. On district it is a natural way. They have come on a place which is designated at me as "Place of crash". Therefrom the cedar is well visible in the afternoon. At night the reflexion of fire from a fire which have lighted George and Jura there is well visible. But from above the edge of a slope of white snow against white snow is badly visible. Then they have begun movement to a fire have not noticed it. As they transferred НТБ, they all group have rolled down on a slope. Люда and Simeon were traumatised. Further only Alexander Kolevatov remained efficient and it transferred all three in a fire direction. It has made Den what temporarily to lay them not on snow, and on what that poorly thermal protection. That it could move them further to a fire. But before it it descended to a fire and has brought clothes part. On the way it has lost a small part of clothes which in May have found before have found bodies.
Work which it made was very heavy, and its forces were on an outcome, and he has not had time even to transfer any person on Den. Forces of the person are not infinite even then when the survival instinct works.

Excuse me, I did not correct text after machine translation. I do not have a lot of time today.

2. Is your map based on the theory that Krivo and Doroshenko walked separately and they were never all at once (alive) at the Cedar?
Because it looks to me that you are saying that Kolevatov went to the Cedar on his own, to explain the transfer of clothes.

Yes. If competently to analyze sequence and logic of actions of this case, it turns out that they went separately. It follows from Occam's razor. And from Entropy laws which works not only in thermodynamics, but also into the information theory. For this purpose, what to prove additional actions, it is necessary to prove their possibility to make and real motive for this purpose.
If it to apply, it turns out that all groups which have been found separately they and operated separately

3. Give me your coordinates and elevation for the Tent, Cedar, Triple tree, Ficus, the crash, Where the bodies were found (your version, their version), Mouths of creeks 1 and 2.

If I can quickly find my archives period of 2008 - 2015 I will write about it. But under the analysis of that you have resulted the information of KAN? It is the full nonsense turns out. I should write it in detail.

I have to update my Google map because it is based on KAN coordinates and as you say - I think they are off.

If I can help I will be glad.

This is a lot to process... When are you coming back to Internet?

From 3,May, to 9,May I will be accessible Internet. But there will be many cores of business. I will try answer something the asked questions.