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Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon



Today I was reminded of the below case while reading about speculations of what Zolotaryov captured in his final photographs. A theory suggested the two girls had used the camera flash to help them navigate the jungle and terrain at night which explained hundreds of random photographs of the jungle. I don't know if Zolotaryov's camera had a flash, but I was not able to find reports of torches being found within the den four.

"The true scary story and unsolved mystery of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon. On April 1st, 2014, Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon disappeared without a trace into the jungle of Panama, remaining missing for only a couple of weeks. It wasn't long before locals began to stumble upon strange clues in the area they vanished, including a camera containing hundreds of disturbing photos that can't be explained. The investigation began. Detectives have combed over every single creepy photo searching for any possible clues or evidence to no avail. Although Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon have been found, no one can explain their scary disappearance to this day. Their missing persons case was utterly shocking and is still unexplained. Will this case ever be solved? What happened to the girls in the jungle, and who was snapping hundreds of photos DAYS after they disappeared?"

Another rabbit hole as deep as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.
The theories are just as wild, and in some sense we have even less evidence (the bodies have never been found, only some bones, and a shoe).

I think the biggest similarity with the DPI is that they could have "just walked back to safety", but for some reason didn't...

The other similarities to the DPI, is the mass of social media adding speculation and muddling the water to get hits.

However ,there are a lot of oddities.  Although its difficult to know the original sources of any of the reported data.

The only logic I can apply to the series of night time photos with the flash , is that maybe ....and I say maybe as the only small logical explanation that I can think of, was that they were trying to light a fire.

Given what can be seen in the photos , the head of hair, possible outlines of fingers, the upward facing framed shots towards the sky, it makes me think that they possibly had the camera on the ground and were potentially using the flash to try and ignite the small bits of paper that they had torn up from the tourist resort map that they had.

The map is seen in an earlier photo at a restaurant with the various symbols , these graphics are also seen in the small bits of paper that show up in the night time photos. Also we see what looks like the bottom of the pringles tin.

I don't think the flash would be hot enough to actually start a fire but they do get hot to the touch and if the girls had thought that it might work , then it gives us an explanation to the strange nature of the photos , the frequency of shots and what is being seen at that moment in time.

I cannot put any other logic to those photos, not from outsiders being involved , nothing. It is truly odd.

It is the possibility of a survival situation . Like wise we have the picture of the tree branch with the two plastic carrier bags attached. To me , this lends itself to being used to keep the phones dry and above their heads as they cross or use a river to try and get to safety.

Very interesting! I never heard about this interpretation, that they were trying to light a fire, but it's indeed plausible.

And the stick with the plastic bag might also be used for "fishing", or maybe to get drinking water in case the rocks were slippery and they didn't want to risk falling into the stream and being carried away by it.

Although personally, unlike with the DPI, I lean towards 3rd party involvement in the Kris Krèmers & Lisanne Froon case. There is just so many suspicious circumstances and the area is not safe at all... I'm even surprised they went on the hike at all. Right after the entrance to the trail you have to walk through a "mini-favela"


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