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Definitely Murdered, But Why? By Who?

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The Blinov group headed west out of Vizhay, the Dyatlovs north. A more pertinant group to investigate further would be the Rostov group who, by Igor Fomenkos own words were trying to catch the Dyatlovs.
Accepted path of the Rostovs is west also but this is not true. Fomenko went through an abandoned mining settlement of which there are none heading west.
I do accept that the group supposedly got lost, wandered around without maps and eventually headed west and came across Pyotr Bahtiyarovs yurt. Or did the group?
This group travelled thousands of km without the maps they required, were on the same trek itinary as the Dyatlovs and then got lost at the last moment!!  Consider thoughtfully. Then the group crossed the mountains and disappeared for 50 years, why?

I have never heard of the Rostov Group that was trying to catch up to the Dyatlov group. Why would any group be going into the Urals in January without maps? This sounds like they should be the group to meet up with disaster.

The Rostov Group?

While I don't believe the conspiracy KGB theories, if the killers were govt officials, MAYBE it had something to with the two victims who had ties to  the nuclear power plant but that is really reaching. However, how the govt completely ignored the gross injuries which to me also says torture, and labeled these deaths as hypothermic is bizarre. That definitely sounds like a possible coverup but they could have wanted to cover the truth about the case for a variety of reasons. Remember, this is the same govt that didn't report a serial killer who had killed over 100 (?) people before anyone even heard about him.


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