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Anti-gravitational rigor mortis

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I don't want to repeat something that has already been addressed, so please let me know if I'm just missing where this has been discussed, and I'll back out of this topic.

The bodies of Igor Dyatlov and Lyudmila Dubinina have what is called "anti-gravitational rigor mortis," which means that their bodies did not behave in a naturally limp manner after death. In the article which is referenced on the site (, the authors state that "inappropriate or antigravitational rigor mortis can indicate that a body has been moved once rigor mortis has been fully fixed and the body is discovered prior to full dissipation of rigor mortis (Int J Appl Basic Med Res 2011;1:120)" and other sites I checked also say that anti-gravitational rigor mortis is an indication that the body was moved after death.

Below are 2 photos of Dyatlov as he was found. Following those 2 is a photo from the scientific website referenced above, demonstrating what is meant by "anti gravitational rigor mortis."

Lyuda appears to be upright, with her arms up.

Are there any clues as to how these bodies maintained such anti-gravitational postures after death? Other than that the bodies were moved, I cannot think of anything. Igor's posture looks to me like someone grabbed him by the arms after death and pulled him along.

But Lyuda's, I cannot figure out at all.

Игорь Б.:
Тело Дубининой сползло с уступа, когда под ним вымыло снег и тело, перевернувшись упало в ручей:

Поза Дятлова типична для смерти от переохлаждения:

Igor was found clutching sort of hugging a branch. Maybe his clothing also got stuck on it and therefore held up his arms.

Lyuda was found with her head and arms on a stone ledge effectively. So I think maybe this can explain the position.

However, it's hard to see how she would come to be in that position in the first place... she was facing uphill and the snow was melting for some time, I would think constantly shifting the bodies downhill (like a mini-glacier). 

I've also heard others say that Dyatlov was holding a branch, but I don't see this in any official report and I don't see this in the photo taken of his body when it was found. Can you cite where you got this information? Thanks.

The photos of Dyatlov following this one show a few branches in the area of his arms. I believe it is quoted from some other person with a bit of artistic license.

The myths of the information surrounding this case has caused confusion and it continues. 


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