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Igor Dyatlov's ankle wounds

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The autopsy on Igor Dyatlov says "both ankles had brownish red abrasions, size 1x0.5 cm and 3x2.5 cm with hemorrhage into the underlying tissue."

Other abrasions on his body were defined as "minor," but these were not. They were deep and they bled.

I cannot think of anything that would cause deep ankle abrasions like this, except being tied with rope or hand-cuffs or some other strong material, and Igor struggling against the restraints. Can anyone? It would be beneficial if we could come up with any other cause and would help guide us to: human interference or not human interference.

Игорь Б.:
Возможно вы плохо представляете себе метрические размеры.

Could just be from ill-fitting boots. From the sizes (1x0.5cm and 3x2.5cm) it doesn't appear the wound went all the way around.

Quoting from the autopsy:
There are abrasions of brown-red color in the area of the left ankle joint on the anterior lateral and on the posterior surfaces of both ankles hollowed over the surface of the skin and also on the skin level, sized 1 х 0.5 cm and up to 3 х 2.5 cm with hemorrhaging into the underlying soft tissues.

The abrasions went all the way around and they were deep.

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