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Let's talk about the flashlight for a moment. It is a solid piece of evidence and should be discussed, particularly by those who are convinced that no other people visited this site at the time of the incident. All evidence is important and must be somehow accounted for in any plausible theory.

A flashlight was found on top of the tent, manufactured in China. It was found by searchers with no snow on it.

If you do not believe any other people were at the site after Feb. 2, until the searchers came on February 26, where did this flashlight come from?

The flashlight serves no useful purpose for a criminal. It is neither effective as a weapon against nine people, not is is a useful signaling device. Why would a criminal show the doomed the way back to their shelter? Illogical! Were the murderers careless? I would say a vigorous "yes", except that if a criminal has his hands full with a flashlight, then he necessarily doesn't have hands free for aggression, nor defense. Finally, I find it comical to think that a criminal would have the courtesy to put a guiding light on in order to show 9 adults a way down the snowy hillside. In short, the flashlight has no bearing on that happened next. Rather, it was left at the site at the time of the discovery of the wreckage of the tent. The only mystery is why the owner didn't claim it.

The group had left the tent without even their shoes. It would be wrong to say why they didn't take the flashlight. However, there was not a single flashlight in the group. Probably 3-5. In my opinion, the Mansi found the group earlier. And they may have swapped the two Yuri and some of the items. And they may have stolen some items as well. These are possible. Because between February 1st and February 26th, there is a big time frame of 25 days. Mansi or other people may have found them in these 25 days. Probably other people found the two Yuri before. And they may have burned it in the fire. Because I read somewhere before that the fever is a few days old. In fact, the KGB may have found them before. This is also possible.

There is merit to your supposition. Taking from the dead while not disturbing them is predictable enough. Even the rescue team swiped the vodka from the tent. I do not think the old saw " the murderer always return to the scene of the crime " has any merit. I do think the Mansi could very well have come across the tragedy and took something. However, the Mansi would have also left something behind. It could be prints, tracks, a can of condensed milk...something. It was not discovered by the rescuers.

If the Mansi have stolen something, for example, knives, cameras, flashlights, they don't want it to be known. And they may have completely erased their traces. After all, they're master hunters... and trail experts. They can destroy their tracks in the snow. And if there were unusual sounds and images on the mountain on the night of the incident, the Mansi must have noticed it. And by daylight they must have gone there. And in particular, they must have found the two Yuri and the tent. And they must have taken some useful items and left. Of course they couldn't admit it. Because they were afraid of being killed. They could be considered murderers.


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