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There are a lot of studies I found which confirm this, re-freezing can be diagnosed by just looking at MRI or CT scan results, among others. I don't think they had that technology back then, though.

So, we will never know. And it's also possible that some parts of their bodies, that were exposed to sunshine during the day for example, thawed and refroze even without (or before) the bodies having been taken to the morgue and back.


Thanks Teddy.  Interesting that Dr Nikolchev has only come across people soiling themselves after being hanged.  Apparently, 27% of hyoid bone fractures are caused by hanging.  Could there be a link there? 

Zolotaryov's hyoid bone is intact. (p. 350

Sorry I  meant with Lyuda.

You are right, Dubinina has some abnormal mobility of the hyoid bone, broken is crossed out.
p. 356
and what connection do you find again?


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