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Dyatlov Pass. Discussions with Elena Dmitrievskaya. Analysis of the geological version (April 23, 2022):

[D.:] Hello, dear viewers! Today I am with you again, Elena Dmitrievskaya (=D.), Oleg Taimen. And we have a new guest today, her name is Evgenia (=E.). Everyone probably knows her on YouTube under the nickname Truth Close. And today she will share with us her experiences and thoughts that are somehow connected with the new version of Oleg.

His version is geological, he has already presented it. And therefore, Evgenia probably has something to add to it, she has something interesting to tell. She herself is a very interesting person. And we are very glad to have such a wonderful new guest. My first question will be the usual, general one that we ask all our new participants. This is the question:

Evgeniya, how did it happen that you became interested in the topic of the pass? When did you start becoming interested in her, what prompted you to do so? How did you find out about her? Tell us!

[E.:] Hello everyone! Probably, like most woodpecker experts, after the “Battle of Psychics” program in 2013. Well, actually I became interested and began to find out, dig, dig. like everyone else who is interested, let’s put it this way. Not those who just came and looked. I asked for information, searched somewhere, and looked at other sources. Not only… back then I only knew her. But then, naturally, I came to the version of murder. I probably went through practically all the versions: Mansi, etc. The only thing I didn't consider was rockets. Well, because I saw with my own eyes how these steps fall. Or rather, I had already seen them fall, and so somehow I quickly brushed them aside. Well, here we go…

Since 2013, over 9 years, I have gone through a lot of versions, looking for a lot of confirmation. Or denied it. Well, again for myself. I didn’t write anywhere, didn’t publish, no books, no brochures. Therefore, little by little, little by little, I finally came to the idea that… Or rather, I came to this idea ideologically a long time ago, tried to somehow discuss it in the comments, ask questions. But they didn’t really listen to me, let’s put it this way. (laughs)

And when I saw Oleg’s video, I was amazed in the sense that Oleg began to voice almost all the information that I had accumulated on my computer. I even wrote in a comment that how did Oleg find out the password for my computer and is now broadcasting? Well, it’s very interesting… Not everything that I found exactly, but close, let’s say. What I’m not sure about is that this was a purposeful geological expedition. I’m just sure that geologists had a hand in this, in their death.

[D.:] Okay, but tell me, what is the main detail of this tragedy that led you to the geological version? What exactly? Injuries, perhaps, or some kind of physical evidence? What exactly? What detail?

[E.:] I can’t say what specific small detail it is. Probably that's all in general. Because, starting with the search, that is, the organization, who participated there, this Northern Expedition, the rescuers. And the same Yarovoy, by the way, was a geologist. Their cards are also missing. Why did they disappear? I started asking myself this question. And again, injuries are the most important thing. Because some great force had to kill them after all. I don’t have a version, as they say, he folded the Christmas tree and told everything. That’s why I don’t shoot any videos and don’t put forward specific versions. Because I have a lot of details that you can listen to and understand that it’s definitely not, as I believe, that there were no strangers there. At least until the moment of death. I’m not talking about the fact that when they died, and from that moment until the moment of the search, that there was no one there.

What else? Criminal case. They were covering for someone there. I can’t say, is this a falsification or some kind of understatement? Who could they be covering for?
I believe that they could have covered Abram Markovich Sulman. Because he was connected with the authorities, and his organization was so large, and he had great weight in the region. They had their own aviation. They organized a very large-scale search… I’m not saying that geologists went and killed everyone there, no… But I’m close to Oleg’s version.

[D.:] Do you share Oleg’s opinion that the atomproject played a leading role in this? Was this related specifically to uranium mining, and not to some other geological exploration? All this secrecy, the criminal case and Sulman’s participation – is this the nuclear project, or is it just a concealment of safety violations?

[E.:] I believe that anything geological could have happened. Of course there was Atomprekt, but I don’t think they were given the task to go look for this ore. I know that a lot of work was done there, including aerial photography and drilling… If only incidentally, then they could have such a task, because I read a lot of all kinds of reports. There was such a thing that they gave a task, they gave these devices so that tourists could look and mark on the map, where possible.

[D.:] There is such a moment, I didn’t ask Oleg this question, I’ll ask you. If Oleg wants, he can also answer. To what do you attribute the radiation contamination of the clothes of the Dyatlovites found in the stream? This is such a general question.

[E.:] I consider this an ordinary background. This is such a long-suffering Sverdlovsk region. Anything could be there that even people didn't know. Because concealment and secrecy, they were present everywhere in those days. Remember the plane that fell on the garden. The next day there was nothing there, and the park was literally blooming. And everyone was ordered not to say anything. Also all these accidents, “Mayak” and others. There were endless leaks! I even remember how anthrax also leaked from the laboratory, and there was a very large infection. And there was such a large-scale special operation to hide all this. Therefore, this radiation could have gotten from anywhere, into the same groundwater. Perhaps a sweater from the same Krivonischenko.

Therefore, for me, this radiation, if it were found in everyone, then we could talk about something large-scale. But it was selective, 15 by 15 cm of clothing. I just don’t remember the numbers, but it was washed away with one word.

[D.:] So, this is an ordinary background, ordinary pollution?

[E.:] Well, nothing unusual. It didn’t fall out of the sky, let’s put it that way.

[D.:] Okay, so you wrote in our chat and argued with one of the participants that there could be some deposits in the Otorten area. That participant said: “No, it’s impossible,” and you said: “Well, why right?” Something like that, anything can happen. There could be some mineral deposits there that the Dyatlov group could be after?

[E.:] I have maps and evidence that a railway was built there, and a lot of research was carried out… Again, 2nd Northern, there was a core storage facility there. Accordingly, there was an expedition there, and they explored the entire area. However, at the time of Dyatlov’s death, I have information that aerial photographs were taken over Otorten, magnetic deposits were measured, and they flew. Not specifically Otorten, but maybe closer to here. This is drilling. There is such information that there are not enough qualified specialists. Since the summer of 1958, the Northern Geological Expedition recruited blasters in Ivdel with the rights to carry out blasting operations.

[D.:] Isn’t this what sappers did during the construction of the railway?

[E.:] No, I’m not talking about the railroad. I'm talking about geologists now.

[D.:] Where did you get such knowledge in geological matters? Do you have a geological background, or is it related to something else?

[E.:] No, I don’t have a geological education, it’s just that my whole family were geologists and geophysicists, right down to my grandparents. My father worked in the Far North, on such a machine, it was called “Hurricane”. And he delivered explosives to the geologists, transported them in the winter, and they worked in the winter. I even argued that everyone says it’s only the summer season for geologists. No, nothing like that, they drilled there in winter, and in winter it’s easier to get there, over such long distances. My grandmother worked in the laboratory and did analyzes of all these materials.

[D.:] We also had such an interesting idea in our chat that what was the point of sending Dyatlovites in the winter? That is, not in terms of denying winter geological trips, but in terms of the fact that if you send them in winter, then only to those places that are inaccessible in summer. In this sense. If the Dyatlovites had to measure something somewhere, find it in a place accessible in the summer, then why go there in the winter? In winter, they go where the ice has frozen, where they can get across the ice, through the swamp, to some places that are hard to reach in summer. And the Dyatlovites… in the end they went to Kholatchakhl, to the pass, and there all this is also available in the summer. There is also a reindeer trail there. You can easily get there even in the summer. This is my comment.

[E.:] I agree, because I say: the only thing I disagree with Oleg is that they were sent on purpose. Along the way, they might have asked to look at something, the same measurement for soil freezing. I recently found a photo, I don’t remember where… I’m sorry, my memory is generally poor after the coronavirus. I found it on some website. Maybe you've seen it. We found some kind of iron pipe with holes drilled like this, in our times already.

[D.:] Kuntsevich found this pipe.

[E.:] I found out that it is used to measure soil freezing. I found it and was surprised. I think: wow, it’s unknown when it was left there. It’s not a fact that they were Dyatlovites, but someone there measured it. It turns out it's not just a pipe.

[OLEG:] Elena, can I have the floor too? I greet all viewers, hello! I haven't had time to say hello yet. Elena, we were just talking about this pipe the day before yesterday. This entry has not yet been released. Evgenia apparently has some kind of access to our computers. So, what do you want to say? I never said anywhere that anyone sent the Dyatlov group somewhere. As for the purpose of this trip. People, geologists, Komsomol members, pioneers – went on geological trips, and in no case were geologists, nor any authorities there, nor the leaders of the atomic project – these groups were purposefully sent anywhere. All the incentives that were given for the discovery of minerals. for what purpose did they do it? In order for people to unite in groups and purposefully express a desire to independently go and find this or that mineral. If we compare in terms of money, then under the USSR in 1959 you could go on a hike, at the same time look for minerals, find it and become rich by USSR standards. I read out what bonus money was paid, what awards were awarded. But this all applies to uranium deposits. But there was also gold, and diamonds, and rock crystal. All this was obtained. Naturally, if you compare the same rock crystal with gold, but this is already a big, huge difference. But what I would like to note is that finding uranium deposits is a higher priority. Because you will become rich and famous! For what reason, I have already told. I showed all these bonuses that were classified. In addition, you will still help our country, you will help the atomic project and the goal that it pursued.

This is the creation of atomic weapons. What the USSR really needed at that time.

In simple terms, it was still more profitable to look for gold, diamonds and uranium ores than aluminum, crushed stone and other similar minerals. I hope I explained it clearly here. And I don’t know exactly the uranium deposits… What Zolotaryov said in order to become famous after this campaign – that’s exactly what I meant. Because I listed what awards, Lenin and Stalin prizes were paid, a car and a cottage for Zolotaryov. All this was provided by the state, free of charge, to the leader of the search expedition. And if anyone could influence the Dyatlov group even a little, it was only Zolotaryov. No one could force the group to go somewhere or give it any tasks. It could have been completely different here. The group, of its own free will, is going to go on a geological expedition, and both the geological party in terms of information and some other services that are related to this are obliged to cooperate with it. Full cooperation must be provided. Those who will not provide full cooperation… otherwise they turn out to be saboteurs. If a group goes in search of uranium, declares it, they are not given information, they begin to be interfered with – this simply could not happen. We see about 1958 that the group had already gone on two geological trips.

One trip was in winter, they went down into a mine. This was in an interview with Bartolomei in the Ural Pathfinder. There are photographs where they are in this mine with the miners, where they are looking at rock crystal. It is in this mine. There is a description of how they received assistance from geologists, right up to being flown by plane to the starting point of the route.

The group was dropped off by two planes. The group did not fit on one plane. They were divided into 2 parts, first one part of the group was abandoned, then the second part of the group was abandoned on the next flight. That is, they received help. And also in 1958, there is evidence that they brought rock samples and submitted everything to the geological department. We handed everything over to Professor Arkhangelsky, who accepted these samples for study. Then the students studied these samples. There, naturally, there was no uranium ore, no gold, no silver, no diamonds. But then they studied these samples quite carefully with their students. That is, what do we see? That already in 1958, Dyatlov’s group went on hikes and combined them with geological purposes. But in general it is difficult to combine a sports trip with a geological one. This can only be combined with an amateur hiking trip specifically for geological purposes, because one will interfere with the other. Sports and geology are incompatible things. You can only go hiking for pleasure. Let's say that tourism lovers go camping for pleasure, and at the same time pursue a second goal. For some, this is a more basic goal – geological, for others, on the contrary, it is not the main one. But they take instruments with them, they break off rock samples, carry them with them, then bring them to the institute and study them.

Can I say more about clothes? The very first question was about radioactive clothing. I will also tell you my opinion about this. I believe that the group brought these clothes with traces of radiation with them from Sverdlovsk. The uranium rock they were trying to find and the traces of radiation on the clothes have nothing to do with each other – they have nothing to do with each other. The Dyatlov group, I already talked about this, now it’s a long story, but in a few words I’ll tell you my opinion. This is the communication between Igor Dyatlov and Pankov, these devices, the development of an oscilloscope tube for a device for searching for uranium ore, which took place at the parallel faculty of experimental physics. Where Pankov studied, and who worked on this particular device. There is a connection here. It was possible to catch this radiation right there at their faculty, because they worked directly with radiation, they studied it. The clothes received doses of radiation in any case. Khudensky himself is the leader of this group of graduates, he was treated for radiation, he received a very large dose. I believe that the clothes they brought with them were a dose of radiation received in Sverdlovsk, directly within the walls of UPI, and precisely at the Faculty of Experimental Physics. Because it was this faculty… where the dosimetry service was located, the best in the USSR, by the way. When there was an accident at Mayak, it was Khudensky, the head of the service, who went to this Mayak with his instruments. They went there to work, to identify the consequences. And they not only went there, they went everywhere.

Here, Krivonischenko, by the way, in all this mess, is also connected with radiation. But now we won’t talk about this in detail, because our small goal of our conversation is slightly different – geological. Okay, I'm saying something a lot. Today we have Elena asking questions to Evgenia.

[D.:] I have the following question. Evgenia, do you share Oleg’s opinion that the group died from the explosion of explosives used by geologists? Are their injuries explosive? Is this the detonation of some kind of explosive?

[E.:] Yes, I think this is one of the possibilities. The question is, exactly how? Did they do it themselves, or did they stumble upon it by accident? Because there is a lot of evidence from geologists who say in their memoirs that people were blown up by accident. That is, the explosives did not explode, they had already left there, and then some time later a fire was lit at the site, and an explosion occurred. Or people die. There were such cases. I do not exclude this possibility. I believe that if there was a snowfall, it did not just happen. It wasn’t just that the visor fell there, let’s say. I believe that something provoked this, there was some kind of explosion. Clearly not from heaven. And if not from heaven, then where from? So they might have stumbled upon it. I read both reports and notes of exploration geologists. There are a lot of accidents associated with this. True, it did not indicate from what injuries people died. Reborn, he was not just present there, at the pass. He probably understood where they got them from. And how they lay there. He was there in May when the four were taken out of the stream. Accordingly, he gave an opinion based on what he saw. He is not some mythical expert. Here Tumanov is already reading the acts. And the Reborn One saw the bodies, where they were, and how they were. He is right. There was great power, and he also indicated a blast wave.

[D.:] Who could break branches on a cedar? Oleg believes that they broke off on their own due to natural reasons, winds, etc.

[OLEG:] Elena, winter will pass now. And if you come under this cedar, you can find a bunch of broken branches. A lot of! I am sure about that. And not only under this cedar, but under all the neighboring cedars. The larger the cedar, the more of these branches there will be, and the branches will be larger, and there will be exactly 6-7 of them. They will lie right under the cedar tree; in winter they will be slightly covered with snow. But in the spring, when the snow melts, these branches will still be green, because in the cold the needles there do not turn yellow much… But in general, what is the question about these branches?

[D.:] No, this is one of the standard questions that are asked to each version author. Are they broken off by hand? Who broke them? This question is standard in any version, we ask it because it is one of the mysteries, as it was believed. Why did the Dyatlovites break branches when there was available fuel?

[OLEG:] Come on, I’ll tell you in more detail then.

[D:] We understand. You think that this is a natural phenomenon, it is from the wind.

[OLEG:] And I also want to add. These green branches are broken off, they won’t burn at all! The needles, of course, will catch fire and burn. But the branches themselves will not burn, because they are damp. These branches need it, but I don’t know, then let it sit for half a summer, dry out, and then they will burn well. And to think of climbing a cedar tree and breaking these branches for a fire? Well, I don’t know… You just have to be completely inexperienced. The first time, maybe someone goes into the taiga, maybe they will have such a thought. Just you know, there are many, many branches around. Both dry and wet, so you don’t have to climb anywhere. You just need to step aside. By the way, damp birch branches – they will burn a little better than damp cedar branches. Birch – it burns better in any case. And there are… a million birches around. And besides the fact that these birches don’t grow much there, they don’t grow much in height either. There is such a wetland there, and these birches grow all over the place. And they block each other’s light, they are so clumsy, frail, everything. Some die off, new ones grow in this place.
How can we imagine how there are such large huge birches on the territory of Russia… there are no such birches there, because they simply do not grow, they die. There are apparently swampy soils there. They grow and die up to a certain point. And there are always a lot of such dead birches there. And now there are many of them, and there were many of them before, and there will be many of them. Because this is the place.

And to collect firewood, it is enough to move 10-15 m away, break these birches, find where these dry birches are. One birch falls on another and dries up. There is no need to take it out from under the snow or dig it out. She just lies there and can be seen. All! Come on, break it! Damp branches below can also be broken. Why go anywhere? This, you know, is very difficult.

Do you know how you can break such a branch on this cedar? I can't even imagine. First of all, you need to climb up the cedar tree along the trunk. It can be done. I climbed this cedar in the summer. I put up two branches that broke in the winter. Branches break from the wind in winter: snow sticks, the wind blows, a strong snowstorm begins, and the branches break, especially on the cedar. On fir and pine they don’t break like that, but on cedar they do. I took two branches, placed them against the trunk of the cedar, climbed up these branches, grabbed the branches and climbed onto the cedar itself. Since 60 years ago the cedar was a little smaller, I think it was even easier to climb on it. But then, in order to break a branch, you had to, well, I don’t know, like a monkey, grasp this branch with your hands and move to the very edge of the branch so that this branch breaks under your weight. But then you yourself will fall, along with this branch. But it’s complete stupidity to decide on this!

But, let’s say, when you are near the base of the branch, where it grows from the trunk, there is no way you can break this branch. It can only be cut down with an ax. This is just unreal.

Therefore, those comrades who claim that someone climbed a cedar tree to break off these branches, this is complete nonsense! People have absolutely never been in the forest, have never seen cedars, have not been in the forest in winter, have not seen cedars in winter. B were not in the spring, in June, near the cedar trees. They didn’t see that under every cedar there are always broken branches. And these branches… they fell on their own. You can take these branches and make a fire from them. No one climbed the cedar specifically. But you could climb the cedar tree to look somewhere. But I don’t see any reason why one could or should have looked. For what? Well, there are versions, such strange fantasy versions about some prisoners who kicked everyone out of the tent, and then sat and drank alcohol in this tent, And the Dyatlovites climbed the cedar tree to see from afar whether the prisoners had left or not left the tent. And they all fell from this cedar because the branches broke off. Moreover, those who climbed the cedar fell on those who stood below under the cedar, everyone was injured. Then, whoever was left alive, they threw these branches into the fire.

You shouldn't be laughing! You know, the topic of the death of the Dyatlov group attracts a very large number of abnormal sick people. In addition to the abnormal and sick, this topic also attracts very much dreamers who make money from it. Well, that is, probably everyone knows about them, there are about a dozen of these YouTube bloggers who run their own channels, and with these pennies, I don’t know, someone earns 10-15 thousand rubles a month from this.

And these people live on this money. These are the poor people who, for the sake of this hype, do this. By the way, YouTube has now cut off money for these channels. Well, that is, now there is no monetization from the Russian viewer, there is only there, if, for example, Russian-speaking viewers from other countries watch. But what kind of viewers, besides Russian-speaking ones, will watch this? There is monetization from them, but it has decreased by about 10 times. If they previously earned 15 thousand a month, they will now earn one thousand to fifteen thousand a month. Naturally, most of them will drop this topic. Thank God, at least they won’t fool people’s minds. Because, well, people actually fantasize about rubbing the upholstery of the sofa with their pants. People, many of whom have never been in the forest, have simply not been in the mountains. They talk about cedars and broken branches. Well, about a lot of things in general. They don’t care at all what they talk about, as long as they make some content, as long as there is a video, as long as they make money. Do you understand what's going on? And now it’s very cool that all this happened. This is not a money issue at all; you won’t make money from it. But there is a category of people, they don’t want to go to work in a factory, they don’t want to go to a mine somewhere to earn a decent living, but these 15 thousand are enough for them. Now all this has been blocked for them. And that’s good… By the way, I went somewhere completely aside. I even forgot what I’m talking about… Oh, there are still sick people in this thread. Have you noticed, Elena, Evgenia, that there are a lot of sick people in this topic? And these patients can later be divided into 2 groups. I noticed this. These are people who were initially sick in the head. They are attracted like a magnet to such topics… someone died there, someone died here. This topic attracts them, and they begin to delve into it, reason… And there are people who were healthy at first, but accidentally got into this topic, and then their brains have already, well, sort of drifted away from this topic. And my head began to work completely differently. That is, people acquired this disease. Elena, by the way, what do you think, is he normal or not?

[D.:] You ask such questions… I don’t know how normal we all are here, in this topic. To be honest, I think, Oleg, the question is this time of engagement with this topic, and how dominant it is in your life. By the way, I had a question for Evgenia. Evgeniya, what else are you interested in in your life besides thermal imaging? That is, we have a lot of creative people in this topic?

[E.:] I'm a techie, I like to disassemble and assemble computers. And in fact, even reinstall the system to order. And I knit a little more.

[D.:] So, you have rational thinking? Okay, great.

[E.:] May I ask a question? Oleg, to you first. Tell me, was it possible for the group to get wet somewhere in winter? Well, some open source of water where they could get wet? I have the impression that their clothes were wet.

[OLEG:] Wet and damp clothes are two different things. Tourists' clothes are always damp. When a group walks, moves with backpacks on skis, sweating is a normal phenomenon, and the clothes become damp. It is for this reason that later, when they arrive at the parking lot, or even before that they make some stops, they must definitely put on a padded jacket. We see this in one of the photos, where padded jackets are draped over the shoulders. When the group takes a break of 5-10 minutes, then in 5 minutes you can simply die if you are wet. If you've just been moving for 40-60 minutes, you're all wet. And when you stop, you immediately begin to freeze, and very much. You need to throw something on yourself. Then you rested for 5-10 minutes, take off this padded jacket, put it back in your backpack… and move on! After 5-10 minutes you have already warmed up again, you feel warm. This is the process. It was precisely for this reason that when the group set up a tent on the slope, they had to immediately change clothes. This is done immediately. That is, you need to climb into the tent, immediately take off your wet clothes and put on dry, warm clothes. These are padded jackets, felt boots, hats.

What they didn't do. While you are setting up the tent, you are still moving. But once you put it in, even getting inside… that's not enough. You must immediately put on dry clothes. If you are no longer going to, say, gather firewood, go somewhere, well, in the sense of moving, then you definitely need to get dressed. Otherwise you will freeze. And if you are cold, you can catch a cold and then let the whole group down. This is done without fail… immediately changing clothes. We know that all their bivouac items, padded jackets, felt boots and hats, are in the tent. The group did not change clothes! She all left the tent. That’s if they climbed in there at all… Well, let’s assume that they climbed in for a short period of time, cut up a loin, had a quick snack, took a sip of cocoa from a flask… Maybe someone climbed, but someone didn’t climb. Because for 9 people it’s inconvenient for everyone to get in there. And why climb if you’re not going to stop yet, you’re not going to change clothes. They weren't going to change their clothes. They left the tent immediately and went downstairs. Let's go down as usual! Nobody scared them.

It was right away. But that's my opinion. Now about the wet clothes. Now, if you take their clothes, they were popular, they were damp. Here they are going down. In such damp clothes, if you stop, sit somewhere and sit motionless, you can die within an hour. We must move constantly, we must do something! They either need to light a fire, keep the heat around the fire a little, or they need to do some kind of work for which they came down. But something needs to be done! Just sitting or just standing in such clothes, in damp clothes, I emphasize once again, this is impossible to do. How else can you wet your clothes? Someone falls through and falls into the stream. Let's say. But we don’t think that the entire group of 9 people can stumble and fall straight into the stream.

By the way, the stream does not completely freeze in winter; it flows under the snow. This cannot happen: even if some kind of boost failed, all 9 people cannot fall and get wet! One, two, three people can get wet. In this case, you must immediately quickly return to the tent and change into dry clothes. This is the only way to be saved! If you get wet. But to fall directly into a stream? But there is such a stream there in winter that if you fall into it and fall, in extreme cases you will wet your sleeve or the side of your trouser leg. To fall through there right up to your waist, as you can imagine, it’s simply unrealistic. In the summer the stream barely runs there, you can stand up to your ankles, find a hole and stand there. And if it’s winter, there’s little water there at all, very little. You can get wet there if you only water yourself from a mug. But also, Elena, who has your version or some parallel one, about the murder of people, where it is stated that someone was deliberately doused with water so that he would freeze.

[E.:] Based on your answer, I have a question for Elena: about the fact that I think that the two under the cedar undressed themselves, or someone helped them undress. But they were still alive. That's why I want to ask Elena her opinion. I think they might actually get the clothes wet and take them off to dry is an option. Because all their physical injuries indicate that they were injured while already without clothes. It is impossible to get such injuries through several layers of clothing. And again, a burn on my foot under the sock. The sock in this particular place is not damaged, the thigh is also unclear in Krivonischenko. I would like to hear your version of this.

[D.:] Everything here is actually quite simple. Not only me, then other researchers also came to this conclusion. There are no pants that were found in the cedar area that had such a severe burn in the area that was also burned on the leg. If Krivonischenko received a burn in his pants, then the pants would be burned first, and the pants… there are only 32 cm. Not a single pair of pants with such huge burn areas was found! This suggests that he was no longer wearing pants. Here you are right, and I believe that they were coerced by outsiders, as part of my version. You think that he could take off his wet clothes… But, as Oleg says, you can immediately go up to the tent even in wet clothes.

[OLEG:] Elena, if it is possible to quickly make a fire, then this is probably even the best option. But then the fire needs to be built not so small. You need a fire like this: first the coals are burned, then they need to be scattered into strips or logs laid down. In this case, the trunks of dry trees. Three pieces, more is possible. When this structure is burning, you can even sleep at full height near it. And it’s even more possible for a large group to sit on both sides, and everyone will warm up, and no one will freeze. They will simply turn their faces, then their backs, and warm up. But in this case we see a fire of a very small diameter, and it is unlikely that it was for heating. Although, according to my version, there was an explosion, and they returned to the already prepared fire, which had already been there before, on which they heated water and drank tea, because their bladders were full. They returned again to this fire and tried to somehow warm themselves. But there they didn’t succeed much anymore, and now these manipulations with clothes, with moving the pants there. This was already after the explosion!

[D.:] I'll add. Firstly, you also need to take into account Thibeaux’s cowgirl, which was lying there under the cedar tree. This means that he was completely undressed, and then dressed again, but without the cowboy shirt, in his own clothes. This point will need to be explained. Secondly, I wanted to ask you, Oleg, what led you to completely change the version vector? You were working on the rocket version.You had several versions, and suddenly you began to study geology.

[OLEG:] Elena, you didn’t watch my first part well. At the very beginning I clarified this point. I don’t know exactly what happened there, and I’m not the only one. Nobody knows this. Everyone has guesses, let's put it that way. It is this version that is now of higher priority than my 2 other versions. But I don’t throw them away under any circumstances. A rocket explosion and an explosion from ammonite or dynamite, it's about 40:60. If it was an explosion from a rocket, then not in this place, but in another place where there are traces of this explosion. But then the bodies in the stream and the tent on the slope are all staged. It simply cannot be any other way. This is one version. The version we are discussing today has a higher priority than the missile version. Because here I can explain many things that I cannot explain in the rocket version.

[D.:] But doesn’t it turn out that for any version you can pick up something, some arguments, and do this endlessly? Tomorrow I will choose another version and will also select arguments for it.

[OLEG:] Elena, it would be very stupid… to push your horns against the wall. This is my version, that’s all, and I don’t care about everything else. You know why super-mastodons, people who have already managed to write their own books, that it is generally impossible not only to find out any truth with them, but also to talk, to reason about something with them. Well, it's simply impossible to communicate at all. Because these people, no matter what happens tomorrow, they have already written a book. Do you understand what's going on? Where should I put the book? Tomorrow these archives will be declassified, tomorrow they will come and admit who is to blame for all this… But they will still never admit it. Do you know why? After all, the book has already been written, there is already a circulation, there are sales, copies. What does this mean? If they admit this, then they have been busy with their own nonsense for half their lives, publishing books there… What are these books about? This is all complete fake now. Right? These people, I believe, are now dependent on these circumstances, they are now dependent on their book publishing. And any arguments that even they may be spinning in their brains… Yeah, everything seems to be fine, everything seems to stick together… But they reject them, they absolutely don’t recognize them. And they, on the contrary, harm the development and revelation of truth, they do harm. Because they hide many facts, they put forward arguments against these facts to please their book. Do you understand, Elena? I will never advise you to write a book.

[D.:] But I’m not going to write a book.

[OLEG:] Because, let’s say, when the archives are declassified, in order to delete your version on the site, you can just go ahead and delete it, right? How do you delete a book? Buyers have already bought up these books. Will you ask them to return them all, will you return their money? And burn it all in a big fire? This won't happen anymore, right? But in any case, you are a little dependent. Because you have your own version, and you are already hostile to any arguments.

This summer I will go to the Northern Urals to look for traces of a rocket explosion behind Mount Otorten. So that I have an understanding of whether there was an explosion there or not. Where are the fallen trees from? And I will also go explore the stream. I think there was an explosion there. And if there was an explosion, you can find a lot more there.
Just like we found the bindings of broken skis. You just have to look there. It turns out that no one has ever done this before. Nobody was looking for anything there. We need to go there and work in all directions. Do you understand what's going on?

We also collect information on wild animals. And we saw both wolves and bears there. True, all this was in the summer. But there are wild animals there, and they are not very afraid of people. We need to work in all directions. Therefore, to say that this is my version, and everything else is nonsense, I will never do that, because tomorrow some new facts will be revealed, some other version will have higher priority, based on these newly discovered new facts . Some document will be declassified… What will you do with your version then? Here? what will you do?

[D:] What will I do? I will take this completely calmly. And you will agree. Because we carried out some research work, which enriched us in some way in terms of our own self-development. She gave us an expansion of our own horizons. I do not regret that I dealt with this topic. I have many related ideas related to the culture of the Finno-Ugric peoples. I have a lot of room for further work. The research is already in a different direction, not according to the Dyatlov group. This was only a plus and a benefit for me, personally and for understanding some of my own life ideas. And therefore we have not lost anything, we have actually gained something. Therefore, we will not be sad about this topic, but will continue to work.

Let's talk about the facts. You said that the Dyatlovites went down wearing shoes, dressed as usual, but after their death their clothes were manipulated, and this was done by strangers who, after the death of the Dyatlovites, moved these clothes, returned something, perhaps to the area of the tent.

[OLEG:] Not really. At first, the manipulations were carried out by the Dyatlovites themselves… from those who remained alive after the explosion. And then, first, a group arrived there that was directly related to the atomic project. People we don’t know about, but who were there. What exactly they took, we can only guess. What they moved without giving it any meaning. They took something from below, lifted it up to the helicopter, and then thought: “Why do we need this?” And they took it all and threw it away, threw it somewhere in the snow.

[D.:] But you claimed that they walked downstairs wearing shoes. And the facts show that when they lit the fire, they were already without shoes. If you studied the table of burnt items, or simply studied the clothes themselves…

[OLEG:] Elena, tell us about these facts so that the audience understands.

[E.:] They have large pieces of scorched fabric on their socks. And the most interesting thing is, not just on your toes. Luda made herself windings from her own jacket. And the winding that was found was already found with burnt places. This suggests that when the fire was lit and the tourists were near the fire, they apparently stepped on coals or burning branches and burned their clothes.

[OLEG:] Elena, please clarify again. Either the things were burned through when the fire was lit, as you said, or they were burned through during the explosion. And after the explosion, when the tourists returned, or some of them who survived, they returned to the fire and somehow tried to keep this fire going, to somehow light it. Perhaps even elements of clothing.

[D.:] The fact is that their lower part is burned through. These are the socks and the bottom of the pants. If there had been an explosion, then another part of their clothing would have suffered from burns, higher up, in the waist area, in the torso area. But this does not happen; only their socks are burned, that is, in the area of the foot, and the lower part of their trousers. These are the cuffs, which are at the very bottom. This suggests that they were near the source of the fire from below. It was a fire, but not an explosion.

[OLEG:] This suggests that there was no air explosion in the air. Right? There was an explosion below, at their feet, underground or above ground. Let's say we decided to plant an ammonite. They dug a small hole, filled it, dropped something on ammonite or dynamite. I can also tell you about a dozen different options for how the explosion happened.

[D.:] Yes, their feet would have been torn off! Excuse me, of course. People pick up a firecracker, it explodes, tears off their fingers and hands.

[OLEG:] Elena, what distance are you talking about now? 30 cm, meter, two?

[D.:] About what is optimally close. If all this happened around the fire, this, according to Evgenia, is an explosive.

[E.:] No, I’m thinking about the stream. I talked about the fire and wrote in the comments that there were such cases.

[D.:] It’s not clear why these are socks and bottoms for everyone?

[OLEG:] Elena, what kind of fire are we talking about in the stream? Do you have any data?

[D.:] No, not the fire in the stream, but the fire that they lit themselves near the cedar. I don’t know how your versions differ with Evgenia. It seemed to me that she meant the fire under the cedar tree. But if we are talking about an explosion in a stream, then it is even stranger!

[OLEG:] I have a version: first they made a fire under a cedar tree, they drank water there. They cut down the trunks either before or after the fire. They went down and chopped branches. And then there was an explosion in the area of the stream.

[D:] Okay, you will probably have additional parts where you will explain to us how the flooring was formed with pieces of clothing in the corners. It will probably be interesting for everyone to hear this. I still don’t quite understand how the flooring was formed from these trunks after the explosion.

[OLEG:] After the explosion it did not form in any way. Two days ago I told Elena on the last stream, which has not yet been released, about another method.

[D.:] Yes, I heard about the method, I just didn’t understand why…

[OLEG:] For uranium ore, when the branches are cut down, and they are prepared in advance, and then after the explosion this place is lined and expanded with spacers. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why to do this, but it’s written in the book.

[D.:] That's good, how did things end up on the flooring?

[OLEG:] Elena, look. Everything I tell you… is everything I dreamed. If I dream about how things ended up there, I’ll tell you the next day. Let me make some assumptions now. Will this suit you?

[D:] Yes, that's your right.

[OLEG:] First there was an explosion. Then, when things were manipulated, these piles of things ended up on these branches. It suits you?

[D.:] It’s your right to explain it this way. This is your version.

[OLEG:] But is this normal? Or is there something missing here?

[D:] I can't judge. This is your version. If you consider this acceptable for yourself, then our viewers will judge us. They will look and write in the comments what they think about all this.

[OLEG:] Because manipulations with clothes. Not all viewers now understand what we are talking about. This is such a complex scheme if you put it all together. A year ago I found a document from a researcher in Yandex. Already 12-15 years ago this document was created, where the author marked each thing in every detail with a certain color, and wrote it all down in columns.

[D.:] This is Timur Voskoboynikov. This is his well-known table of things.

[OLEG:] When you watch it, you will spend 20 minutes delving into all this. The brains will immediately begin to intertwine. Because it's difficult, very difficult, right?

[D.:] But it is necessary. Otherwise you will not understand how everything happened.

[OLEG:] Such things and facts, and you begin to wonder where he got it? where did he get this from?

[D.:] I took it from inspection reports, from receipts for receiving things. From a criminal case. In principle, everything fits well there.

[OLEG:] From what we see, he has a lot more information there. He also took this from some other sources, from memories. 15 years ago there was information that now either no one considers at all, or it was lost somewhere. Now people have already forgotten about all these manipulations with things. This is a very complex topic. And you will not take responsibility, in relation to your version, to explain all these manipulations with clothing.

[D.:] I just explained, most of it.

[OLEG:] You open this Timur’s document and try to explain each moment in relation to your version. You can't do this!

[D.:] It seems so to you!

[OLEG:] Few people can do this. There will still be some contradictions there, there will still be. Therefore, this is a very difficult moment here. To voice it, you need to prepare for it for a very long time, study it for a very long time.

[D.:] The only remark is not about the manipulations with clothing that the Dyatlovites could do, but about the manipulation where you introduce third parties who found a group of dead and began to carry things there. So, I mean that any input of third parties, precisely at the stage, for some it is staging, for others it is moving things… that is, when some people come and begin to do something: they begin to remove bodies, drag them back and forth, carrying things back and forth. This, in principle, weakens any version, because these are unnecessary entities. And you will then need to explain why people did all this. You say it yourself, but maybe they themselves didn’t know why they did it. This is a weakening for the version. In general, everything can be attributed to staging. This, practically, like everything can be attributed to a UFO.

[OLEG:] If all these facts don’t fit your version, where are the things on whom, where are they lying around, where did they end up later…

[D.:] It’s easier to come up with some people who took these things…

[OLEG:] Yes, it really is! Because no version explains this. Not one!

[E.:] Can I tell you about the extra entities? From the moment of death until the moment of searching. This idea came to me. I believe the case was opened on February 6th. And these entities, which many do not know where to stick… I think this was a pre-investigation check. Without Ivanov, by local forces, at the request of Sulman. Tempalov arrived and carried out manipulations there.

[OLEG:] So it was. How else could it be?

[E.:] And I even have thoughts on the trail. I thought for a long time about how these ice tracks were formed. Because Karelin said that there was really ice. He tried to kick them. And I found such information that when the examination of traces is carried out, how do they do this examination in the snow…

[D.:] They remove the snow layer by layer.

[E.:] It’s not even a matter of layers. It must be moistened and plaster casts made. Accordingly, these traces were manipulated, and then the traces grew. These posts have been standing for a long time, what is the problem? With the weather as it was. We don’t know what it was like, but there was definitely no above-zero temperature there, and the snow didn’t melt there. And there is no problem for them to form. And Alekseenkov proved this, and so did Komsomolskaya Pravda. But for them to stand for a long time, for a whole month, these marks, that’s the whole problem. And I came to this conclusion. Because I looked at a lot of examinations, and I understood how these columns were formed, even at sub-zero temperatures. This was all done on February 6, or February 21. Between these events, I believe that there was an investigative group there, and they carried out these manipulations. Well, Zina couldn’t walk down the slope with her pants unbuttoned, would you agree? They would simply fall off her. She had a mask on over her shirt, but she had it all out. She couldn't walk like that, the mask would fall out. She didn't have her clothes tucked into her pants.

[OLEG:] After a concussion, it is possible that a person does not feel the cold.

[E.:] That’s not what I’m talking about. When the shirt is untucked, everything will fall out from under the shirt!

[OLEG:] What mask? Windproof. No, it’s not a fact that she will fall. If it was not in the waist area, but higher, then why?

[D.:] She will still fall, from the movement…

[OLEG:] Another point, why didn’t she put it on? This is strange. Why wasn’t she warmed up or refueled? Because she was very shell-shocked!

[E.:] I have no doubt that the five were shell-shocked. I won't go into medicine now. I'm sure there was a concussion.

[OLEG:] This is both vomit and foam from Dyatlov and Doroshenko. And most importantly, what is this evidence of? People, without receiving fatal injuries, received only scratches, froze so quickly. This is just a concussion, there can be no other reason! Do you agree, Elena?

Version of ritual murder (blocked on youtube).

[D.:] But I’m allowed, I have my own version. I can push my horn, and you will think that I am not a completely healthy person.

[OLEG:] No, Elena, I sincerely believe that this does not apply to us. Well, at least to those who are present here today. I believe that we are not sick, we are healthy. Unlike the rest!

[D:] Okay. I think we will end on this positive note.

[OLEG:] Yes, let's ask the audience to write something, questions.

[E.:] Good luck everyone! Bye everyone!

[OLEG:] Evgenia! Wait a minute. What city do you live?

[E.:] I’m in Moscow now, but I was born and raised in the North.

[OLEG:] And I’m in Novokuznetsk… Let’s ask the audience, everyone will ask, what can they ask. I want to ask the audience, am I mentally healthy? How do the audience rate me? Am I already completely sick, or is there still hope?

[D.:] My question for the audience is this: what degree of probability do they consider the geological version? How probable is it in principle? Let them write to us whether these versions are probable, unlikely, or generally incredible. It will probably be interesting to know the opinion of the audience.

[OLEG:] We can create a poll question under this video. Let me create a poll and the poll will be visible at the bottom.

[E.:] Can I also ask a question for the audience? I'm interested in one question. Why do you think Rustik was going to fly to Saranpaul by plane?

[D:] Good question.

[E.:] Because I know for sure that only special flights flew to Saranpaul. Why were we going there? This question torments me, to be honest. And I don’t have an answer to that.

Air ticket
Ivdel – Saranpaul – 250 rubles
(freight free)
Next are the Mansi words with translations.
(river, stream, etc.)

[D.:] I suspect that something happened after a conversation with the lumberjacks… He, perhaps, got hooked there, picked up some interesting idea, and the idea of this flight… it was after that.

[E.:] The fact is that there was an expedition in Saranpaul, and there were no woodcutters.

[OLEG:] But they also communicated with geologists there, not only with lumberjacks. Those we know by name are all geologists, starting with this Beard. Alright, goodbye!

The Truth Is Near is the title of my article in Komsomolskaya Pravda
This is what it says: THE TRUTH IS NEAR

Teddy, it's possible that your unique version of "fallen tree" may be the only true one. We all want to know the truth, that's our goal, and any revealed truth would be a big sigh of relief for us, especially for researchers at my age. I am ready to accept any truth if it is proven. As for journalists, I would not be in a hurry to rely on their opinion. Today they have one thing, and tomorrow they have another. There was a time when they promoted the avalanche version, and the time has passed when they abandoned the avalanche. Natalia Varsegova did not hesitate to perjure herself even in court, and this is recorded in the case file.
The screenshots show the headlines of the KP newspaper: 1. Tourists died under an avalanche. 2. There is no evidence of an avalanche.

I have always wondered about all the geologic activity. If I am understanding it right, it seems that the Soviets had a dismal supply of uranium with which to make nuclear weapons, and due to Cold War competition with the United States at the time, they were pushing all citizens to search for deposits, promising riches and fame if anyone was successful (Zolo setting the world on fire?).

Consequently, as noted in Teddy and Igor's book, and the interviews with Oleg and Elena above, a lot of geologic activity was happening in the DPI area, blasting, digging, search flyovers, mining, everyone hoping to get rich quick and be appreciated. I think I recall Yuri Yudin made a geologic expedition the day before he left the group.

It almost seems that any good theory of the DPI should try somehow, even minimally, to figure in the presence of geologic workers and the work they were doing in the area. This is one factor that I have not even tried to incorporate in my own soup before now.

This might lead to a fruitful search. Surely, the geologists kept maps and logsmof their activities. Surely there is an archive. For DPI related information, we might expect some aspect of the record keeping is anomalous. This would support Teddy's hypothesis about a treefall owing to a blast in the area.


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