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Charles replaced all his posts with "nothing here" before deleting his account in the forum, but you can still see some of them in the quotes of the posts of other people. I understand to leave the forum, but why deleting his words, doesn't he stand by them anymore?

This is Teddy cleaning his posts btw, like I have nothing better to do on the first day of 2023.

Here is an archived copy of his post from Jun 27, 2022.

I think this hypothesis is viable and needs to be explored more. For example, are there other records of human sacrifice among the Siberian indigenous cultures?

(By the way my name is just a Finnish name, not related to "mansi")

"Sori" might indeed mean pass (basing this on the distant linguistic relation between Finnish and Mansi).

But "Purlakhtym"? What is the source for this?

Now that I was thinking about all this, I remembered that one of the Mansi allegedly made a joke about "sacrificing a Russian baby", but nobody laughed. And also I have read in the interview with the modern Mansi rapper, that he had been told by his grandfather that at the bear ceremony, he has to dance on the dead bear.... Hmm, and we have victims with broken ribcages.....


--- Quote from: Charles on February 18, 2022, 12:32:02 AM ---
--- Quote ---name
Mansi Пурлахтым-Сори means “Pass for Sacrifices”.
--- End quote ---

First map on the page :

Mansi also had "sacred lakes" were the used to drown victims. All sacred lake are filled with victims, whatever the culture and continent.

--- End quote ---
Dear, you are already fantasizing. The Mansi did not have any lakes where they drowned their victims. Mansi sacrifices are exclusively deer. They used to sacrifice roosters and horses.
The only version that accuses the Mansi is the version of Elena Dmitrievskaya from Russia. A more fantastic version is hard to come up with. In her version, the shaman ate the tongues of two tourists and drank Zolotarev's blood.
Such versions unsubstantiated insult the whole nation. This slander must be held accountable.
Это вы уже фантазируете. Нет и не было у манси никаких озёр, где они топили своих жертв. Жертвоприношения у манси исключительно оленями. Раньше приносили в жертву петухов и лошадей.
Единственная версия, обвиняющая манси - это версия Елены Дмитриевской из России. Более фантастической версии трудно придумать. В её версии шаман съел языки двум туристам и выпил кровь Золотарёва.
Подобные версии бездоказательно оскорбляют целый народ. За эту клевету нужно нести ответственность.


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