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Hello everyone) I'm from Russia, and I knew about the Dyatlov pass like everyone else. There are many versions, everything is confused, nothing is clear. The funeral of my friend's father took place the day before yesterday. When everything was finished, everyone left, a friend asked me to stay the night at his house. He needed support and of course I couldn't refuse. We drank and talked almost all night, we could only fall asleep in the morning. We mostly talked about our father, recalled stories from childhood. He told me very interesting information about the Dyatlov Pass. His father was a KGB officer from 1967 to 1990, until the collapse of the KGB. As his father told me, what happened at the Dyatlov pass is sloppiness) Lol, right?.  According to my father, only people have a misunderstanding, the authorities of the USSR knew everything and still know the current one. What is 100% fact and should be investigated by those who want to know the secret: 1. There are 2 criminal cases, 1 case was conducted in the Urals, it is closed - the perpetrators have not been punished and have not been found. 2 the case was conducted in Moscow, the perpetrators were found and punished - the case is classified and has been gathering dust on the shelves for a long time. As you understand, alas, there was no mysticism. The second case will most likely never be declassified, and from the first case, which is available to everyone, everything has been withdrawn, absolutely everything that was necessary for the 2nd case. If without details, then, as I understood. No testing of new weapons was carried out, everything unnecessary was dropped and destroyed, including the launch vehicle stages. And the sloppiness consisted in the fact that whoever coordinated the route did not report it to the right authorities. No one at the top of the government knew that they would be there. Therefore, the glow in the area of the Dyatlov pass could well be seen by Mansi. The probability that Dyatlov's group was then finished off by the military is minimal, most likely they received all the injuries at the time / and or after the reset. Whatever injuries there were, tongue, eyes, chest, etc. Well, that's how it is)

Sorry, I'm using a translator. Therefore, there may be some problems

And yes, and also, he could tell everything his father knew freely, because he had not yet worked in 1959 and did not give a non-disclosure agreement for this particular case.

For some reason, when I translate my text from English to Russian, it replaces the father of a friend with my father. Anyway, there is not a word about my father in the text)

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