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Hi Manti,

I just saw your previous post about anticholinergics!

Ataxia isn’t listed as an anticholinergic side effect in all of the sources I’ve seen, so I think it may be a rare side effect of anticholinergic poisoning. It would seem that most people under the influence would still be able to make their way down a hill, although they might fall a few times, as their coordination is bad and their vision is blurred.

Here’s a datura ingestion presentation from
--- Quote ---
“ A 17 year old male was brought in to the Emergency Department by paramedics after being found by police running partially clothed in the street after consuming Angel’s Trumpet. His initial vital signs were a temperature of 100.7?F, blood pressure of 155/78 mmHg, heart rate of 112 beats per minute, respiratory rate of 20 per minute and oxygen saturation of 99% on room air. His examination was significant for dry mucus membranes and his skin was warm and flushed. On neurologic exam, he was awake, but was confused, agitated and answering “I am Batman” to all questions.”
--- End quote ---

Sounds like you can be quite active on them, but overheated (unbuttoning jackets, leaving the tent) and quite insane.


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