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Hello. A stove accident as introduced by C. Williams is my favorite. Why? Because it explains a lot that other theories can not explain. I think we all agree that the most mystery starts at the tent. A stove accident explains why they cut the tent from inside and left. It further explains why they left the area orderly and not in such a hurry as it is proved by the footsteps. And of course it explains why there are no other traces, because smoke does not make any. Beyond this the stove theory is plain and simple. Most of the other theories are (my opinion) a little bit too constructed.

OK, there are two thinks that do not fit. First: The report says the stove was not assembled. This could be explained by assuming the stove was disassembled and then the accident happened. I think this makes sense, because when the stove is assembled, the smoke leaves the tent through its designed exit. A stove that is disassembled too early could lead to an accident when the fire ignites again because somebody opens the entrance of the tent.

But what is hard to believe is that they left the tent and stand around the tent and are not able to reach inside to get the clothes and shoes. They could have cut the rest of the tent, pull snow on the stove to dissolve it and so on. Or using the skis around the tent to reach into it. The only thing I can imagine is that they overestimated their strength. That they thought it is more safe to go to the near wood, make a fire and wait till the stove runs out. Would be a great mistake indeed. But not impossible. Also people that are experienced make mistakes.

What is your opinion? Could a stove accident be the impulse that has led to the tragedy?

Wondering if they burned mostly wood.

Some facts regarding stove accidents in general:

Using a stove inside a tent is always a risk. Alone in the UK there are some hundred accidents with a stove in a tent each year. Round about 50 accidents lead to serious injuries or even dead. One of the risk factors is using damp wood.

The stove was self constructed and surely not on the security level that modern stoves for tents have. This increases the risk for an accident. Further I guess they collected wood for the stove that was not 100% dry. Even if they carried wood (or some other material) to burn in the stove, there is a risk that it gets wet during the journey.

So I think there was a real risk for a stove accident. But the most accidents with a stove inside a tent happen within the tent, and the hikers were able to escape. This means in a normal situation they have escaped the danger. But not in this special case, they all died (one of the few facts that is definitely true). They main problem that I have is why they left the area. Hard to imagine they left in underwear because of a little smoke.

But... there is no explanation for all facts in the whole time since the accident happened that is logical. For me this means either foul play (e.g. somebody has changed the facts) or the hikers did something illogical. I tend to say they did something illogical, and in this special case they left the tent area to look for shelter in the near wood.

I think a stove accident is the theory with the fewest weaknesses.


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What is your opinion? Could a stove accident be the impulse that has led to the tragedy?

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No, it is absolutely excluded.
1.   There is a fact that the iron stove was not used - it has been packed with untouched fire wood. It is possible to read in criminal case.
2.   Even if the iron stove used, pieces of coal and ashes traces from which well remain long time would be found in it (or about tent). They should be found on snow (or on an ice crust- old snow).
3.   Even if the iron stove used, in tent it is impossible to create conditions for a poisoning therefore that it is well aired as the canvas with holes from the got smallest pieces of coal very much promotes it. The Dyatlov team would not began to sit in such atmosphere, and simply would air tent, or has got out of tent, but anywhere is not has left, because in the street there would be good air and a wind.
4.   Even if the iron stove has given a lot of carbonic oxide and they have choked, people would find in tent, instead of is so far from it.
I think, what it is already enough these arguments?


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I think a stove accident is the theory with the fewest weaknesses.

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No. It is impossible. Because I have written in the previous message


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