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Radiation from potash?

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First of all, great work in this thread, Ryan!  thumb1

Let me make sure I understand the gist of your hypothesis.  You propose that the beta radiation detected in the Ravine 4's clothing was merely due to naturally occurring K-40, and that the reason said clothing was emitting a substantial amount of beta radiation is that it had been exposed to a LARGE amount of some potassium compound (specifically, KOH).  Correct?

Thanks. That’s exactly what I’m proposing.

A pure beta emitter, energetic enough to be detected by Geiger counters, could explain the results. But most of these are man-made isotopes like Sr-90. This crosses a certain line; these isotopes are so unobtainable that it would likely require a really big military conspiracy.

K-40 opens up an additional natural option to explain the results. While K-40 is a beta and gamma emitter, given the low gamma to beta ratio of K-40 and Geiger tubes have approx. 3% sensitivity to gammas vs. near 100% for energetic betas, this still works. At the levels of beta found on the Ravine 4’s clothing, the gamma would be below the level of detection.


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