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Sokhondo Nature Reserve: The Trans-Baikal Dyatlov Pass

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Sokhondo Nature Reserve: The Trans-Baikal Dyatlov Pass

Lets see how many similarities you can find with the Dyatlov Pass tragedy.

Ok, I will start:

* From the testimony of the director of the reserve Vasilchenko: "Orlov was found 600 - 700 meters from the dead a few days later in the forest. He apparently moved away from the group and started the descent to the winter hut. And at this point of time something happened, which caused the physical condition of all members of the group to sharply deteriorate. There is no other way to explain why the group stopped on the slope when there were 700 meters left to the forest and no more than two kilometers to the winter hut."
* No traces from strangers
* Strange stage of undressing
* Defensive wounds that can not be explained
* Everything seems to have happened very quickly. From the testimony of the director of the reserve Vasilchenko: There were no attempts to save themselves from hypothermia, although the group had warm sweaters, padded jackets, and two sleeping bags in their backpacks. The group did not get lost, they were on the route. The state of the corpses' postures, open eyes and mouths indicate a sharp deterioration in the body's condition."
* The last body was found 11 days later "in a hole in the snow on cedar tree branches". This sounds like the den in the Dyatlov case to me.
* Weather was good.
* The last diary entry is weird, sounds like the last thing both expeditions saw before the trouble started was a rising cedar tree... "The cedar tree is on the rise." It sounds exactly like that in the diary, as if the cedar tree was rising.
* At the end some bosses are blamed for having nothing to do whit anything.
* No idea what happened. They were in a zombie state applies for both cases.

I thought it was a hoax? I'm still trying to find other sources. Sounds interesting though.


1) there's snow.

2) it's cold. Or has the potential to be and there was a storm.

3) skis are involved

4) there's a old volcano near by

5) a hill with a name where nothing likes to grow

6) there's matches lying about.

7) clenched fists

8) marks on the hands ( no sign of defense wounds on DP9 or here, only speculation)

We need  more information, I really hope it has a conclusion.

No conclusion.
This is a well known mystery, Google: "Сохондинский заповедник трагедия 1981" and take your pick.

Does this remind you of someone?

- Strange things began while we were driving in the UAZ to the starting point,- says Pyotr Baranov. - A forester was assigned to each group to accompany them. I walked with Seryoga Vasilchenko. And Orlov and Konkin had to go with Shelomeytsev. But on the way he suddenly rebelled. I won’t go on the route - that’s all! Seryoga tried to calm him down, word for word, it came to a fight. And when we got there, Shelomeytsev jumped out of the car and ran away. We never understood what happened to him. Didn't explain anything! And after the tragedy he said: "I would have been the fifth to die. I could feel it."


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