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Hello again everyone!  Lets talk about language displays on Forum.

The default display language of this forum board is English. However, we realize a forum of this nature will have members that simply do not use English as their first or even second language.  For this reason I started looking into how we can at least have the site be displayed in different languages for those that would benefit. 

As of right now, I have the following Languages uploaded for use by members.


If you do not see the display language you would like to use in orange above, please send me a message or respond to me in this thread and I will do my best to make it happen.   thumb1

How to change the display language.

All you have to do to change your display language is go to your profile found in the navigation bar near the top of the site.  Next, navigate to 'Modify Profile'.  Under 'modify profile' you will select 'Account Settings'.  Now, the 4th option down on that page you will find the 'Preferred Language' setting that you can change.  Please choose the language, type in your forum password at the very bottom of the options, and hit the 'Change Profile button.   Thats it!

You can also hit this link to go to the setting page of your profile.    wink1;area=account


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