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Here are some general guidelines what to post here.

* Don't say "Hi".
* To introduce yourself post in Introductions
* Don't post whole ideas, make a topic instead and then come back to the Shoutbox, say something brief with a link to the topic where people can discuss. The Shoutbox can not form threads and should not have dozens of answers to something that is long gone from the visible area. It is not convenient for neither you nor your readers. To make a link is enough to just copy/paste something like and it will automatically show as [ link ]
* There is a thing called whispering. This is when you want only user with name lets say Groucho Marx to see it. The format is the following "@Groucho Marx: message" the important component being the "@" and the ":". When you do this only you and the recipient e.g. Groucho Marx will see it. Whispering is not to be used instead of messaging to each other. I am only telling you this because I use it mainly to scold you about the Shoutbox and I see all whispers. The rest of the members will not see what you see when it's addressed to you. That's the only reason I am saying this here - to explain that what I whisper to you stays between me and you. The rest don't see it. On the other hand if you start whispering to each other I see all of it, it will crowd my Shoutbox and I will eventually delete them whispers. For this purpose message each other, I don't see those.
In general, think of the Shoutbox as a message board in a narrow entry hall. You announce things but do not expect people to stop, read 2 pages pinned to the cork board and discuss in the damn vestibule. There is a traffic and if you want to get comfy - get a room i.e. topic.

I will update this topic if needed.

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