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Understanding hypothermia in the context of the DPI.

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Paf, there are several aspects of this case that are not facts but mere conjecture.

One is that the tent was torn / cut at the time of the incident. This might not have been the case, it could have been damaged by the students who found it and then dragged it over to the helicopter.

Another, anything suggested by Zina's position is very subjective. She might have fallen either going uphill or down, and then crawled in the same or opposite direction. The position she died in doesn't necessarily imply anything.

I would even call the campfire into question. As far as I know one log was found with one end burned (and the other intact). Would you call that a campfire? Does that provide any sort of warmth? Maybe the campfires I'm used to are overkill but I would say about 30 branches, when all burning, can provide enough warmth for 5 people for a few hours. For 9 people for a whole night? Wouldn't much more than a single branch be needed?


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