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Are Zolotaryov's photos from the camera left in the tent, or the one found on his body? I read somewhere the film in the latter was destroyed.

Rakitin states that the film from the camera found on Zolotaryov has not been released. He also states that the camera Zolotaryov had around his neck during the rest of the trek was left in the tent, the film inside showing no picture taken on the trek.

According to here (https://dyatlovpass.com/controversy?flp=1#zolotaryovcamera) Zolotaryov took a second camera, the film of which was only there in parts, when found. Although left in water for quite some time it was still intact, just some pictures where underdeveloped. Where the previous 17 pictures went is not known.

 any ideas why he would have taken two cameras and apparently not used one of them at all?

Rakitin builds a theory of spies and KGB involvement. According to him, Zolotaryov was with the KGB, as well as two others (Kolevatov and Krivonischenko). Their mission was to deliver clothes with contamination of a radioactive isotope to some western agents in order to set the intelligence services on a wrong trace. Zolotaryov was supposed to take pictures with a special camera on a special film when the meeting occured. For none of the other hikes to get suspicious, he was wearing a camera around his neck from the beginning of the hike. He didn't use it, though.

That's what Rakitin makes of it. His theory has some flaws, if you ask me. But I guess, the discussion of Rakitins theory would be rather its own thread in the KGB-section...

thank you.  that's very interesting.  it does sound like he wanted to use one of them for something special.


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