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Question on Nagaev's radiosonde theory


Has anyone read any part of Nagaev's 3-volume series, The Half-Life of the Khibina Group? I can only find this book in Russian and I can't read Russian.

Nagaev seems to have been a high-ranking military and government individual who knew what he is talking about and had "insider" knowledge.

What I am most curious about is, what does he say happened AFTER the radiosonde exploded?

That is, were people sent to check on the situation? How did they find out what had happened? Or did they simply wait to be contacted, and hearing nothing, just delay the search (as is said in the summary on the page here

To me, the theory seems incoherent. Why would radiosondes contain a radioactive gas in the balloon? The purpose of the balloon is to lift the whole sonde (measuring equipment) into the air. Usually a light, harmless gas like hydrogen is used.

There is no reason to use a radioactive gas. Moreover, if there was a radioactive gas, there is absolutely no way that civilians would be given these devices to test or deploy.

Now the other part of the theory is that they show signs of organophosphate poisoning. This is, while far from proven, an interesting idea. But I think there is no way this could have been a result of burst balloons or anything like that.

On the Facebook group, the admin recently posted a quote from a book entitled “Sarcophagus,” which says Zolotaryev was the hike leader and had some kind of military registration that allowed him to conduct this experiment. Have you ever heard of this before? I have not and have asked the admin for clarification.


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