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Couldn't the person of Foto No. 17 also be Thibeaux-Brignolle? 

The photo before (No.16) also shows him in a strange pose.

 As well as this photo shows a darkened color and uniform clothing what could be seen as this from the distance. 

The only thing that confuses me is the pose in photo 17, but the photos before that were weird poses too.  Maybe it's also supposed to make it look like there's a yeti there and they wanted to take a picture like that to tell about it.

I'm more on the theory that it could have been a wild animal, the question is what animals are there right there?  And how do they react to the weather conditions that day?  And wouldn't that tent with people put her off?

 Maybe someone has thoughts and answers on this.

Try this for an animal as the cause. I recommend member Igor B . He gives links to all the questions and answers that you might have or share. Worth a look. You might come up with something new!

Most people think it's Tibo because the preceding 3 frames are of him falling backwards in the snow, and then slinking off.

What is missed is that those photo's were taken by Yuri K using Tibo's camera.

So Tibo is leaving his gear with his pal while he goes off to attend to a call of nature.

Logically you might then think Frame 17 is automatically another of Tibo returning from that call of nature, but it's possible the man in the image is Yuri K, who may have been taking his turn to toilet and Tibo has resumed ownership of his camera and takes that infamous photo.

The figure has two things unique to Yuri K. His ushanka hat (Tibo had his tarpaulin sports jacket hood and his black hat), and a metallic badge which glints above the left breast pocket area, which corresponds to Yuri K who was wearing a hiking badge there.

'Yeti' can be seen everywhere in the DPI if you develop the 'eye' for spotting them. For example there appears to be something black and simian at 9 o'clock watching Rustem in this photo:

Note the legs and arms in the mystery photo. They are different from any of the Dyatlov group.

That is only because the man's sleeves are rolled up and he is bare-legged, likely from toileting.


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