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Ivanov’s Fireballs: A Cover-Up or Part of One

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I read / watched so many books and films about Roswell and UFO's. Unfortunately nothing was conclusive. The film "fire in the sky " always got me though. A creepy story for sure.

My guess at these strange lights in the sky would be rockets and missiles being tested and the visual aftermath when the rocket flies out of the earths shadow. Quite spectacular.

Thats the problem with so many mysteries. Nothing is conclusive. Thats why we are still here discussing the great Dyatlov mystery.

Personally, I consider Roswell to be an urban myth, because the eyewitnesses of the event it’s supposed to be about wouldn’t recognize the story as it exists today. It’s a collection of at least two separate events mixed with various myths and legends whose dissemination was greatly facilitated by the hit TV show Unsolved Mysteries back in the 1980s when it still had its most legendary host, the incomparable Robert Stack, who had no trouble with his sinister trench coat wearing presence, selling the creepy story of alien corpses being smuggled into some top secret military facility known as Area 51. It’s basically what you get when you have an alien story packaged for public consumption to be sold on a commercial market. And it’s not going to go anywhere because it’s still making the entertainment industry plenty of money, not to mention the city of Roswell itself. There might be some kernels of truth at the heart of the story, but they could never hope to compete with the Hollywood version. So I highly doubt anyone would spend much time researching them.


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