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February 13, 2022, 02:18:35 PM
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Loose Cannon, I still have doubts it was cut from the inside at all. I saw a demonstration once about the difference in cuts from a sharp object when cutting through canvas from both inside and out. There wasn't an obvious difference in places. Also, where were these knives they cut the tent with? It was clearly more than 1 that shredded the thing as it did, so where are they? The knives found in the tent were still in their cases and not found near the opening of the tent at all. Its a mystery.

I also have doubts about the tent being cut from the inside.

February 15, 2022, 05:34:51 AM
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nothing here
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June 21, 2022, 01:47:20 PM
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Per Inge Oestmoen

Per Inge Oestmoen
no bullet wounds or knife cuts
To be honest, we have some evidence of knife cuts.
Autopsy report of Igor Dyatlov:
 In the area of the palm surface of the second and fifth fingers there is a skin wound of irregular linear shape with regular edges located transverse to the length of the fingers; the surface wounds are up to 0.1 (or 0.2 – note) cm deep.

But the main question of why the victims were not simply shot
the victims were  injured with one blow. Simply  and effectively.
But the main question of why the victims were not simply shot
the simplest answer is  - attacers didnt have weapons.
 Weapons were strictly prohibited in USSR except for hunting weapons. If it is correct assumption,  we can exclude some categories of people attacker did not belong
1) sololders (army, KGB)
2) hunters
3) organized criminal groups
 But the blows were very effective. This tells us that attackers were  very well trained to kill. Special Forces? Without weapons?  nea1
What about the people who had have this training and took part in еspecial forces operations  during the WWII? They were 30+ in 1959.

If the victims had been shot, it would be impossible to make the murder look like an accident. It was very important to communicate to the public that this tragedy was an accident. The staunch insisting that an avalanche was responsible is testimony to the Soviet and later Russian governments' desire to conceal the truth. Now it has been scientifically and conclusively proven that there was no avalanche. Moreover, the injuries found on the bodies are inconsistent with what we observe after avalanches. Still, the authorities maintain that the tragedy was a natural accident.

The wound in the hand of Dyatlov is very likely from a bayonet. Dyatlov tried to fight, and tried to get hold on a rifle - and he was cut as the attacker probably withdrew the rifle in order to control Dyatlov in close combat.

Special forces - and the KGB were extremely well trained in close combat - know how to kill without firearms, and the orchestration and execution of "accidents," "natural deaths" and "suicides" is typical of killing by special forces, unless they want the public to know what happened.

To kill the nine students, who were loyal Soviet citizens and belonging to the privileged, with firearms would create protest and possibly political unrest. That would be a most irrational thing to do. The intelligent thing to do was what was done: To kill in such a was as to make it look like an accident. There was a sudden rise in temperature during the night between February 1 and February 2. That rise in temperature foiled the plot: The students did not freeze to death soon. Therefore, they had to be hunted down and dispatched. If there had been no rise in temperature, the nine would have died from freezing as intended - and very few would have understood that they had been murdered in cold blood.

June 21, 2022, 04:25:00 PM
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Who's thumb is that!?

All the deaths are consistent with exposure and hypothermia. The avalanche theory varies from snow slide to slip of a small amount of snow. Not some tidal wave of endless amount of snow.

I interpret it to being the reason of leaving the tent. All injuries occurred after the exit of the tent, whether that be physical attack, environment , Wolverine . I struggle to get my head round the logistics of murder of 9 people. There's easier ways to do it. Plus , I've said before and I'll say it again. An organised/ planned murder would not leave any film from cameras behind. If one is trained in killing and on a mission , you take away all potential from being found.

If it was murder it's not premeditated in my opinion. It's sloppy.