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Author Topic: a personal version of the events of the year 1959 February  (Read 1264 times)

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March 26, 2020, 02:29:23 PM
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first off all ,  after long studies about 10 years experience of this tragedy  , whether it be... on the net or  in books and some  Russian tv  show and reports and documentary also , l  get enough  information to explain  my theory,  but  before to share my point of view  and my personal  investigation
I would keep only some theories and not all,  but l will also explain why l do not  accept  other theories
before to star  is very IMPORTANT for understand my own visions , and  imperative to put yourself in a situation and  not  like them ... why ?
I think too many people want to give an explanation  and  wants to give their version  and take their place in the same situation but unfortunately  this is a mistake of most people think they have the riddle solution of what really happened

To accept my versions  do not take the place  of the hikers yourself think you in are in the tent  with  them and
try to find a way out 
The theories accepted on my version
*  missile launcher  Army involved and also KGB
*  lightning strike /balls =misille
*  weather or katabatic wind  it could be but .......share opinion

I share the opinion that the students stumbled upon a military testing area and were either killed by Soviet soldiers protecting the area or were scared into fleeing by the sounds of nearby explosions.

On this tragic event the real answer is not to know why? but how ... once resolved we will be why..

Tent History.... olalallaaa ..the tent is one of the best  place  of story and a  very mysterious beginning
a real question the tent was cut from the inside !! true or false? have we since been checked once more, yes  or  no  ?
answer is not  and why ?
According to me , the tent was cut after the death of all the hikers
to make believe in an avalanche and to panic run away
run away !!!! but why ???
check the picture of the tent  is not in such bad condition as it is to leave without clothes
Question ?think of you, would you have left the tent with -25 degrees? and not take your shoes or even warmer clothes to face the cold? do you? certainly not.

 About the  Footprint on the snow ?
So amazing , I moved to the same place I went there in two different season  once in summer and once  winter where I had spend the new year between December and January 2013/2014
my ex girlfriend lived in Yekaterinburg and so I was able to get there easily with guides , my ex girlfriend lived in Yekaterinburg and so I was able to get there easily with guides
I remember January 2014 it was cold -20
my feet sank deep enough when I saw the photos on the website ... I was quite surprised by the shallow footprints
true or false ? difficult to prove it

according to me a military plane was flying to check if  was nobody in the area but find  and locate a camp , then the plane left at a base and warned its superiors
the army had to make them leave the area considered dangerous if the planned missile were to kill them so finally
the D-day the army arrived on the spot armed they threatened it badly to leave the tent without the possibility of getting dressed,  Igor or maybe an another member of the group badly took this decision  and probably had to fightparadox or not? the camera found SEMYON ZOLOTARYOV

twice he takes a photo of an airplane? but his damaged camera and is why poor was  the quality of picture

The date of the criminal investigation is given as the 6th of February indicating that the authorities opened the case even before it was officially known that the hikers were missing !!!
at this point no more doubt is possible army and the kgb are involved the reason and that when the report was written and was put away at first , and then forgot to be destroyed !!!
and therefore another document was written once the bodies were found, and why ?? simply if army or kgb had discovered the bodies of hikers first means on February 6 could have been suspicious
A m not agree with some opinions  suggested is that the person who wrote that date into the file was using the Julian Calendar. The Julian Calendar was used in USSR, basically you have to add 13 days to get to the "normal" Gregorian Calendar. So this would mean the file was opened on the 19th Feb 1959, which would match with the sending of the search party on the following day.
but unfortunately is not correct  , In Russia, it was following the October Revolution of 1917, which according to the Gregorian calendar took place in November, that revolutionary Russia (whose empire became the USSR) adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1918.

I would be very brief on it
because I think the army is not involved in this
death cause is hypothermia for all, it's sure
the last 5 bodies found
or, the eyes or the tough  is missing is simply a question of delays in time it was too long to find them in good condition what we call in medical terms putrefaction
and therefore a natural body spoilage
about their injuries it may be a fall,
I remember going there in the summer and going
  at the edge of the river it was quite risky because many stones were present and the slightest fall could hurt

6/THE END and GOAL !!!!
I may be wrong but for me the start of the investigation is the tent and whatever happened, to leave their tent and therefore their lives is a weapon and you have no choice to obey

the army team send for their protection against the missile ,ultimately became a tragedy

.............. I try to find investor and producer in order to make a very serious film on this event

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March 27, 2020, 07:07:16 AM
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Hello mishka,
I find few weaknesses in your story.

First, here are few facts about rocket in development by that time:

Compared to earlier missiles the R-12 differed in having the 430 kg inertial guidance system located in the intertank section between the fuel and oxidizer tanks. The oxidizer was AK-27I (27% N2O4 and 73% nitric acid) and the fuel TM-185 kerosene. The TG-02 Samin catalyst for the fuel was a Russian version of the German Tonka-250 formulation (50% Triethylamine / 50% Xylidine). The oxidizer was pressurized by gaseous oxygen, the fuel by air. Following burn-out of the single-stage rocket, explosive bolts separated the warhead and it was ejected pneumatically from the missile. Once launched, the missile had a time of flight of 11.8 minutes. Maximum velocity at burnout was 3530 m/s, and warhead accuracy 6 km in range, 5 km laterally.

So, according to you, it was the army that ordered to go down the slope without boots and caused their deaths? I dont see any logic in this hypothetical order.
The army protects it's own citizens. They can even evacuate them. Ordering someone to walk without boots in snow and harsch environment is practice of war criminals !
Do you think that the group would try to resist army's orders?

It's possible that I misunderstood you in some way.

Also  the route was approved and known to officials imho...

March 27, 2020, 07:44:41 AM
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you say  I find few weaknesses in your story.  ??? Yes why not

however we don't care what a kind of  missile were !!!!

well I think you did not understand the l said you should be  not  take the place of the memeber of the group "remeber" of hikers and you make a mistake yes it is true the army was the only alternative to this macabre  massacre