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Menk Face...Zoomed in and clearly Simian

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americankevin, I respect the work you've done in analyzing the photo. I respect traditional Tribal teachings. And you certainly have the right to express your belief in Yeti/Menk. But this forum exists for a free exchange of ideas. Read almost any thread in the forum and you'll find people who support an idea and people who question it. If you are convinced that an attack by Yeti explains the Dyatlov Pass mystery, then this forum has little to offer you.

This is the last time Im going to talk about this. Unless someone has something to add regarding analysis or constructive observations to offer, dont contribute to my thread with harassing **** talk. Its that simple. Nugh said.

Hey guys. Someone removed all my photos of the Menk. At least I cant see them anymore. What the heck is going on? This is public info. Whats the deal.

One of your argument is the proportion between the head and the body.

What you forget is the temperature. The guy is overdressed. Its thickness doesn't come from its Menk nature but from layers of jumpers and coats. If you check the size of the tree branch next to him, the distance, etc, it seems pretty impossible he's taller than 6 feet/1m80.
Here's what an man dressed for a long time at -40°c looks like with modern, specific materials
check the proportion, you won't find the same than a big guy in t-shirt like the rock !

Your second argument is the face you find in the hanhenced picture.

But this is not the face of the man, it's the edge of his hood. The whites spots come from snow on it, and are made up as a face by enhancement. His actual face is looking to the left (to his right hand actually) and is hidden in the shed of the hood. Otherwise, how do you explain the dark area on the side of the menk's head ? All his right side is far more lighted up than this area, even his armpit is barely shadowed.


Don't know if this will work. I flipped a picture and very roughly matched the height with head shoulders etc.


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