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What if.....  there was a second heater.  One that was removed before anyone can see it in all its radioisotope glory?

Tent stoves need 3,000-5,000 BTU = 800-1,000W.  1 hour, it's a kWh or 3.6 MJ.
Wood burns at 10 MJ/kg. Burning wood at 360 g/hr gives 3.6 MJ per hour; that will heat a tent. A kilo's 2.5 hours. Why bring another fuel source but for play?
#2).  Why camp 1km from the wood fuel?

Because it works well?   Especially when not having to carry wood up the side of a mountain where there is no wood?   Sounds like a perfect time/place to test out one of Igors little inventions. 

Yes it is right, you are thats hot! ! only four see = one kilo watt. Do try.  Always 600°C so pack it properly or it burns things!


--- Quote from: Lyndasez on October 04, 2017, 02:31:28 PM ---There could’ve been a stove incident, however I don’t think it would send them marching down the hill. They’d have stayed an dealt, as I assume happened with Rustems padded jacket burnt to memory.

--- End quote ---

I didn't think so either. But if their efforts to vent the tent failed, and while they were waiting for the stove to stop smoking, the worst dressed of them became worried that they would freeze to death exposed on the slope like that. So they decide to go somewhere they can make a fire while they wait on the stove.


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