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IGOR PAVLOV died suddenly on June 24, 2021.
Let his soul rest in peace. He now knows all the answers we are still looking for.
TAINA.LI"I think that the best memory of Igor is his book. His wife told me that he was over the moon when it came out. Get the book, this will be our gratitude and respect for Igor, and to  support to his wife... the widow. This all applies to anyone who sincerely want to keep Igor's memory and help his work to see the light of day." Landau, Igor's close friend, the bearer of the sad news

PEREVAL1959"Igor Pavlov, our s777 has died. How come? What are we going to do without him now?! As if the heart has been ripped out.
He always helped in everything, knew everything. If Igor did not know, then probably no one knew at all. And he was always available, always answering questions, giving advice. How much has been done with its help, how many meetings and addresses, how many reflections, discussions and consultations.
He was our privy councilor and just a very good person. A friend." Helga, Igor's friend and frequent forum member

"Igor was the brains of our research. I called him to myself - our Gray Cardinal. Good or bad, but it was he who led many and at the same time he was impeccably clean in our affairs: never came from him forgeries and simply dubious documents. His website is flawless.
When our next rewind and gullies gave up and confusion arose in my soul - one thing was to write to Igor and he will answer right away and somehow everything is fair again and everything is where it belongs. And all this is gone, it is so final and tragic, and we live on. But how?" Helga, Igor's friend and frequent forum member

VK.COM"On June 24, Igor Pavlov, a researcher of the Dyatlov case, died from a sudden illness (not coronovirus). Few knew him by this name, he was better known as 777 (and derived nicknames) for 12.5 years in the subject, he collected a huge archive of data, communicated with major researchers and the result of his work is the book "1079" (https: / / (co-authored with Teodora Hadjiyska). He was a very good person and an excellent analyst, it is a pity that the best leave and it is a shame that it is so early (he was only 57 years old). Eternal memory to him! And let his book become a monument to his contribution to our cause. This year we will release it in Russian on paper. Follow the news. In the meantime, you can study the site on the content of which he has been working continuously lately DYATLOVPASS.COM" Yuri Kuntsevich, Chairman of Dyatlov Group Memory Fund

CRIMINAL.IST"My post from June 10, 2021: We were overly optimistic. I apologize. Everything shifts to autumn.
It's a pity, Igor, that I can not tell you that the book was completed (by a coincidence) in the period June 23-29, 2021. Now, together with Teodora Hadjiyska, we continue to work on the book. But it can really come out in the fall, because summer is a "dead" season for book publishing. Let's see, let's try to do everything in the best way." KUK, Dyatlov Group Memory Fund

"This book meant a lot to him and it is really amazing. But it's not about the book - it's about Igor. I did not know a more decent person in Dyatlov's case research. If it were not for him, I would have left the topic without even having time to enter it many years ago. But I was very lucky - Timur introduced us. All I know is thanks to him. And again this is not the main thing - all this time, especially when the conflicts began, he did me the honor of becoming a moral judge and saying "stop" if he thought that some boundaries were crossed or could be crossed. This applied not only to the Dyatlov case studies, it applied to everything.
Everything I am writing now is empty. On the 24th, Igor s777 left us." Galina Sazonova (Vietnamka), Igor's close friend

MISTIKA.FORUM2.NET"Igor was an outstanding researcher and systematizar of everything related to the death of the Dyatlov group. Eternal memory.
Shortly before his death, Igor Pavlov, co-authored with Teodora Hadjiyska, and published a book that became one of the main events of Dyatlov Annual Conference 2021 and is a large-scale work with the author's theory." Dmitrievskaya, Moderator

RUSSIA-PARANORMAL.ORG"He managed to leave his work for the public, book 1079 (, which will be printed in Russian too.
I strongly recommend everyone to read this book so that those who did not know him would appreciate a level unattainable for the vast majority of Dyatlov researchers." KUK, Dyatlov Foundation

Igor's first post on our forum:

--- Quote from: Igor Pavlov on January 30, 2021, 06:34:38 AM ---Hi! My name is Igor Pavlov. It's an honor for me to be on this forum. You may notice my name on the cover of "1079" next to Teddy's. I hope you enjoy the book. I hope you even find some answers on Dyatlov case.

--- End quote ---

Igor's last post:

--- Quote from: Igor Pavlov on June 10, 2021, 11:27:03 AM ---
--- Quote from: Andysek77 on June 10, 2021, 09:40:24 AM ---I'll write a summary, please correct me if I'm getting anything wrong.

1) Dyatlov's group was at peace in the tent. It says it's nice and warm. They fell asleep. A tree fell. The lightly wounded were dragging out the heavily wounded. They were dying. The rest froze to death, either in the woods or trying to find help. Yes
2) Authorities received a report of the disappearance of the expedition. They feared the tourists were killed by those working for the geologists or by accident. They were afraid they would be held responsible and punished. Disposal. The authorities couldn't get a report of the disappearance of the expedition, because the bodies were discovered from the air in early February, when no one in Sverdlovsk knew about the disappearance of the group
3) They sent a group not listed anywhere to look for the tourists. (From the plane, a frozen man/woman couple in a hug could be seen). The group found them and the others in the woods. Those who matched the description of "hypothermia" were selected and scattered around the area. So they were "found" later. Yes
4) Those with injuries ended up at the creek where they were later found. Why was Kolevatov among those who succumbed to their wounds and they didn't use his body as well, and an unknown body was used instead? If I understand the references to six bodies and Kolevatov being pulled out of the river with Zolo, Tibo and Lyuda. What did I miss? Most likely, the injured could not be pulled out from under the tree. They were later found by a search party. The conclusion about the possibility of their injury was made on the basis of the discovery of bodies under a tree (autopsy was not performed). Most likely Kolevatov was also under the tree

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

He'll be missed. His knowledge of the case was exhaustive. Rest In Peace sir. Has an official cause of death been determined?

Pancreatic cancer in the last stage.
I didn't know.
He lived to see his book out.

Форум выражает соболезнования по уходу Игоря Павлова,  из жизни. Вечная память и мои извинения.


--- Quote from: Teddy on June 28, 2021, 09:29:21 AM ---Igor Pavlov died suddenly on June 24, 2021. Let his soul rest in peace. He now knows all the answers we are still looking for.

--- End quote ---
Oh, gosh!  I'm so sorry to hear about that.


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