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YURI KUNTSEVICH died at the age of 74. Yuri Kuntsevich died at the age of 74 in Yekaterinburg on the morning of August 11, 2021. For 20 years he headed the Dyatlov Group Memory Fund.
He was hospitalized after an expedition to the Dyatlov Pass that started on July 31, 2021. A group of ten people gathered, including British journalist Graham Phillips. Yuri Kuntsevich was forced to turn back after only 6 km on the first day of the trip because he felt an old knee injury. He was escorted back to the base camp on Auspiya river by a member of the group who then caught up with the rest. From the campsite on the Auspiya river, Yuri Kuntsevich joined the next group going back to Ivdel.
During the expedition, Yuri Kuntsevich complained that his knee hurt. Upon arrival, he was admitted to a hospital due to overall weakness. In the hospital, it turned out he had damage on 40% of his lung. On Tuesday, Yuri Kuntsevich's relatives reported that he was on the mend. It was a shock to everyone that he passed away the next morning. According to the preliminary version, Yuri Kuntsevich died due to the coronavirus.


Yuri Kuntsevich leaving Yekaterinburg on July 31, 2021 on his last trip to Dyatlov Pass.

So sorry to hear this. Another huge loss. May he rest in peace.

Oh, goodness!  I'm terribly sorry to hear about this loss.  May he rest in peace.

R.I.P. Yuri Kuntsevich

          I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Kuntsevich's passing. He was a gentleman and consciencous keeper of Dyatlov Pass information and exploration with firm determination. My prayers go to his family and survivors. Erin


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