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Wolverine (lat. Gulo gulo) - a large representative of the mustelids subfamily. They love to eat, for which they got their name in Latin: translated Gulo - glutton. The weight of an adult individual ranges from 11 to 30 kg. They are kmown for their fierce and cruel temper. It is also the only beast that does not run away from danger, but attacks first. There are cases when a 30-pound beast has torn a bear, and there is a constant hunt for elks. And it's not just the character of the fighter. In addition to sharp claws, teeth and powerful jaws have a “secret weapon”. Like a skunk, if absolutely necessary, they can spray a rather stinky liquid - a discharge from special glands. Facts this theory is based on:

* Testimonies of traces seen in the area (case file sheet 231 - Anyamov witness testimony)
* The group was eating at the time when something made them flee the tent, they were cutting loin, the smell of food had a hypnotic effect on a hungry, voracious beast.
* The wolverine tried to climb inside the tent through the main entrance, most likely, the reaction of tourists was to drive the predator away by hitting the beast with all sorts of objects, including their cameras, hence the broken light filter on Krivonischenko's and deep scratches on the case and torn strap on Slobodin's cameras (case file back of sheet 5 - Crime scene investigation report).
* The wolverine tries to escape and gets entangled in the tarpaulin of the tent. Once trapped, the wolverine splashes its “chemical weapons” indoors. In a matter of minutes, the tent is filled with unbearable stench. Chaos reigns inside the camp, dark, unbearably stinks. Chaos begins. It is impossible to get out through the main passage - a beast entangled in a tarpaulin is scared and no less than the hikers, but much more dangerous. At the same time, a staying inside the tent is impossible. Someone decides on radical measures and cuts the slant of the tent. The group gets out and gradually moves away going down the slope. Here the hikers are planning to make a fire, warm up and air out.

* Despite the fact that they left the tent quickly, as if fleeing from someone, they walk slowly along the slope.

* Someone throws off their outer clothing (case file sheet 70 - Maslennikov witness testimony), apparently trying to get rid of the unbearable stench. No one wants to return to the tent soon. Most likely, everyone understood that it was necessary to simply leave the predator alone to get out of the tent and then return. In the meantime, decided to warm up by the fire.
* Events began to develop in the evening, first, the hikers dined not later than 7 PM, and secondly, the weather in the evening of February 1 beat the temperature record of warming. Meteorological reports showed a value of -10°C, but with the onset of night and the approach of the Arctic cyclone, the temperature dramatically drops to -28°C degrees.

* The theory calls the strange color of the faces and hands witnessed by Kolevatov's sister at their funerals (case file sheet 272 - Kolevatova witness testimony).
I personally don't see how the wolverine secretion can stay evenly over hikers faces and hands, but this is the least of my problems with this theory. (ed. note)
* The search dogs behavior was remembered by a pilot to be strange. According to his words they didn't want to get out of the helicopter. The dog handlers had to drag them out. The theory is that the search dog were appalled by the wolverine odor.

I'm pretty sure that this smell doesn't go away so easy (cat owner here ;) ) , so the search teams would have felt the smell.
For example if the cat pees on some shoes, they are compromised and I must throw them to garbage. The smells remains for years... (in fact I don't know if it ever disappears)


--- Quote from: GeneralFailure on March 22, 2019, 05:00:14 AM ---I'm pretty sure that this smell doesn't go away so easy (cat owner here ;) ) , so the search teams would have felt the smell.
For example if the cat pees on some shoes, they are compromised and I must throw them to garbage. The smells remains for years... (in fact I don't know if it ever disappears)

--- End quote ---

1.The Smell  glutton (or wolverene) much more proof than a smell of a cat.
2.Even if it is a smell has been muffled by a frost, it should feel in Ivdel when tent and things placed in Office of Public Prosecutor.
3.We saw traces of glutton on March, 12th when we came back from cedar to road to "Ilyich base". Traces have come out of the wood have approached almost to the top of vegetation and have gone back to wood. Therefore it is clear that the glutton in completely woodless place does not go. To it there it absolutely nothing do. About same me told local Mansi.

I really can not see any way that a Wolverine or even a pack of them could be responsible for the Dyatlov Incident. One Wolverine on its own could be dealt with by 9 ADULTS. Several Wolverines could also be dealt with. I think too much as been made of the reputation of these animals. They may be fierce but they are also relatively small. A big Bear may have some difficulty with them because the Bear may not move as nimbly as say a HUMAN. But even a Bear could easily dispatch a Wolverine. Therefore a Wolverine or a pack of them is not going to force 9 ADULTS to abandon their means of survival and walk a mile poorly clothed and equipped. And also if any one was attacked by a Wolverine they would definitely fight back and inflict injury or death on the animal or animals.

Star man:
If the tent was actually cut, then it's possible there was someone or something at the entrance, blocking their route out.  We seem to have all but ruled out a large predator, so coul it have been a Wolverine?  Personally I can't see it.  There were axes, knives that could have been used to dispatch it.

I also think the scent would still be on the tent when they recovered it.

Star man


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