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Avalanche Theory for Dyatlov Pass Incident is Bolstered by New Study

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Gaume for

Borzenkov's analysis of Puzrin-Gaume avalanche theory

National Geographic put out a popular-press article about that new study:

I read the NatGeo piece and skimmed Gaume & Puzrin's paper at .  I'm not convinced on the avalanche theory, but I do have more respect for it now than I did before reading.

I dont see anything in that scientific paper or that video that changes my mind one iota. The scientific paper is very technical and the video is very basic but neither can explain for certain that an Avalanche occurred at the Tent site. They overlook the fact that the Tent was not damaged or moved. Also the Footprints do not suggest an Avalanche. And then of course we move on to the other Events down at the Forest a mile away. People with serious head and body injuries like some of the Dyatlov Group suffered do not walk a mile.

And even if they walk a mile, they would leave traces like for example blood from Tibo's very severe skull injury. Yet no blood is mentioned anywhere (not even in the ravine area where he was found which is even more strange).

I realized that Dyatlolv Pass has become a clickbait


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