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So Larisa from Russia or a Kenhee from the UK. (not clear who posted it) shared a good photo of the Menk in which they were able to make the face become more apparent. I'd encourage everyone to check out their other posts in the Yeti Theory thread in which they do a proportional comparison between the Menk and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. However he/she didn't zoom in on the face. I'm posting their original version with my zoomed in version. I'm also sharing a couple versions with the lighting altered to make it pop. It's clearly a simian like face. Not human. Also, based on their proportion comparison with the Rock...this Menk was around 8 feet tall. Clearly not a man.

I can see what looks like a more human face with a moustache and also some hair under the lip.  The face looks tanned/dark skinned and appears to be looking in the direction of their travel and not at whoever's taking the photo.  It doesn't look like anyone in the group that's for sure.  Be interesting to hear what other people can see. 

Theres always the possibility it could have been digitally messed with. What I see is a a face with large lips, very large brow, deep set eyes, and a large nose with nostrils that flare back. I did go back and look at the original photo and it dies kinda look like you can see a lighter shade area where eye sockets should be. If this persons work on the photo wasnt hoax altering, then its for sure looks kinda simian/human to me. A mix. But your right, it did look more human to me after I cleaned it up more. That said, the height proportion comparision with Dwayne Johnson was pretty convincing to me. Reports of the Bigfoot Man often note his kinda mixed simian/human crossed facial appearance. Thanks for your constructive and respectful comment.

you're welcome.  It's an interesting subject and something that hasn't been resolved for sure.   is it just me who thinks the figure is wearing a tunic with some kind of tie/belt around it?

I downloaded the image from the main site, this is just a cropped and zoomed version:

And this is with the contrast and exposure up, and a sharpen filter:

What do I see on the photo?

I see a ski track leading from the photographer to the figure.

I see a figure knee deep in snow. Why would they do that when they had skis?

I see trees covered in much more snow than on previous pictures. Look at the pictures of the Mansi signs on trees. The tree has no snow on it.
In contrast, here the tree bark is not even visible. There must have been a significant snowstorm.

And finally, I see a very blurry figure with "spaghetti arms". This tells us just how blurry the image is.  Yes when you zoom in, it looks like there are eyes and a nose maybe. But if the arms are so distorted, these facial features must just be our imagination mistaking image artefacts for facial features.


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