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Menk Face...Zoomed in and clearly Simian

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very good points.  it's hard to know if you're seeing things that aren't really there and as you righty say why would anyone be wandering around without skis if they had them?  Your zoomed in version looks to be the same colour pretty much all over.  I'm not sure either way now, but I don't think it looks like anyone in the group personally.

Thanks Marieuk and Manti. I especially appreciate your guys logic. Yep, no skis, spaghetti arms, knee deep in snow, yet standing in the tracks looking at the photographer. Clearly tall. There is no way for certain that it was a member of the group. Also, the Mansi use very wide handmade skis to journey in that region. They would never go skiless around there after a snow storm..or as we know...even go there at all. Watched a documentary on Southeast American Indian sightings of the Bigfoot Man...and the Natives here in the USA in that region describe a creature with facial features just like the zoomed in photo of this Menk's face. Human mixed with simian, large lips, heavy brow and a side nose with nostrils flaring kinda backwards/slightly upwards

Hey guys. Someone removed all my photos of the Menk. At least I cant see them anymore. What the heck is going on? This is public info. Whats the deal.

They're still there.  I can see them.   The documentary sounds interesting.

Super weird. Cant see the photos at all now on my tablet. Just this sight doing this. Cant remember the documentary name. Was just browsing the web the other day.


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