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Author Topic: Rustem's evidence  (Read 5545 times)

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February 20, 2022, 01:08:48 PM
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It is reported that when Rustem fell, his remaining body heat caused ice to form under his body. If this is indeed true, then there can be no doubt that Rustem was returning to the tent along with his companions. There also  can be no doubt that the tent was exactly where rescuers found it, otherwise why go there?. Therefore, the evidence of his body confirms that there was no relocation of the tent from forest to the slope. The condition of the tent when the hikers left it is open to arguement, but the rescue team needed to physically hack into frozen canvas. I understand the tent was dragged by a helicopter.  The reconstructed tent photo suggests that to do that kind of damage, the hikers would have been unusually capricious. Therefore, the method by which they left the tent is uncertain. That Rusten wished to regain the tent is without question.
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