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Skeptic X:
Hi Teddy,

Thanks for welcoming me, your reply, and also the words of caution  grin1
I know very well how emotional discussions can get over the Dyatlov case.
I started reading everything about it in 2014 and it wont let me go ever since.

Please let me answer your comments:

1.You're right. The order of introducing the bodies may be confusing, especially for newcomers to the mystery. I could have done it differently, but I just went straight ravine to tent. I really didnt want to make any comment on who died when. I put Zina as last, because I wanted to show how far she was still from the tent

3. You misunderstood me. I didnt say the ravine was flat. Actually I meant what you said ^^ the map from Google was flat, so I couldnt properly show the rocks and hence the correct body positions in the ravine. Thats why I left them out. A bit lazy, I admit...

4. Actually I find the position of all the hikers - except maybe Zina - unnatural. But Dyatlovs body is a smoking gun for me, since this is such an unnatural death pose. Thats why I pointed out him.

Thanks again for your thoughts. Only through critique are we improving  wink1

P.s. I will add a 360 degree video rendering of the Mountain soon. Well, if it works ^^

That would be great. Lets roll some stones on this mountain.

I find the animation very useful, its progressive, and thats what we need. Perfection comes over time. And it will soon be 60 years since the event.

Skeptic X:
Hi everyone!

You might also find the new 360 degree video interesting:

You can pause at any time and look around you. Especially cool if you use VR headset.
Hope you enjoy!

Very good. 360 degree video. Gives me food for thought.  Things like this can lead to a whole new way of looking at events.


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