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Weather report Burmantovo February 1959

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--- Quote from: ikemitsu on June 02, 2019, 10:58:47 PM ---Thanks WAB for the reply! I'm not exactly trying to find out the actual weather in the pass. This might sound strange, but I'm only looking for information that was present during the original case inspection in 1959. That's why I would want to know what was in this notebook. So if it's a weather report from Burmantovo, that's fine. It's irrelevant if it's helpful for solving the case, which it obviously isn't.
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Dear ikemitsu !
I have not so well understood about what “original case inspection” you speak?
I think that it has been told about survey on February, 26th when Boris Slobtsov and Michael Sharavin have found tent for the first time.
Then to me it is not clear, why it is necessary search for weather forecast in Burmantovo, instead use their memoirs of two. I with it spoke about their search much and they spoke about weather at that time.
When they have come to tent there was temperature as -15C …-18C, there was small wind and the sun through clouds shone. Visibility was good. They saw Otorten and surrounding mountains, as how much it was possible.
In criminal case is not present separate record about weather. There are contemporary records on meteorological station of Burmantovo for February 1959 which were in documents of search group (but not in criminal case!) here the reference to this leaf . However I should repeat that weather in Burmatovo and weather in mountains absolutely different. Therefore this data cannot help with weather estimation in any other place in any way, except the settlement Burmantovo.
This leaf contains the information not as the forecast, and the fact sheet which were fixed by meteorological station.

--- Quote from: ikemitsu on June 02, 2019, 10:58:47 PM ---I've checked the World Meteorological Organisation site before but I can't find the detailed historical data search anywhere...

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Site NOOA/WMO  contains the necessary information on number of meteorological stations where there is an information for that period, but there it is necessary to know indexes of these meteorological stations. I have found these indexes and the information on meteorological stations: Ivdel, Niaksimvol, Syktyvkar, Troitsko-Pechorsk, Ukhta, Cherdyn, Saranpaul. They are located round a place of events, therefore on them it is possible to analyse all field of parametres of weather and to approximate conditions on a certain place.
I should warn that there all parametres are resulted in units accepted in the USA, therefore for understanding of Europeans, it is required translate Farenheit degrees to Celsius degrees, speed of wind from sea knots (kt) to m/s, pressure from pd/sqv in to mm mercury column or Paskals, height of snow from inches to mm or sm and etc.
The basic condition for information search - it is necessary know meteorological indexes of these meteorological stations. I have found it in the Internet, however now I cannot repeatedly find them because I now have weak Internet now. Possibilities of information search both in volume, and on speed of the traffic are very limited.
It is very tiresome and long work, but for the person familiar with bases of meteorology it is quite possible.

Thank you WAB for your reply. With "original case inspection" I mean what the investigators of this case found out about the weather on 30th Jan to 2nd Feb. There aren't any weather reports attached to the original case file, but I would think they must have asked from weather stations for information. After all, the weather was considered a major factor.

I looked at the NOAA data but I don't know how to open files with .op extension. I need to dig deeper. However, it's the contemporary records that interest me mainly - taken that it's those what the investigators considered. But if that is not available, I find the NOAA data useful too.

I managed to open an .op file with RStudio app. I'm still missing the index file telling which ID corresponds to which weather station though.

I think I found it:

There's only one entry for Burmantovo in the NOAA database for 1959, and it's for November. Ivdel and Cherdyn are covered well. Nothing for Nyaksimvol.


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