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Russian speakers: "Compelling unknown / overwhelming force" - mistranslated?

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Jean Daniel Reuss:

--- Quote from: vb64 on April 12, 2020, 04:13:05 PM ---....................
Also, the "стихийная" word can be used for unplanned human actions..........
It is also worth noting that the expression "elemental force, which tourists were not able to overcome" in this context is unclear and rarely used in official documents.
In the context of this document, it sounds incomprehensible and mysterious, including for Russian-speaking readers.

--- End quote ---

It is clear that the Russian word "стихийная"  is not clear even for Russians.

In supporting this statement the automatic translator offers 20 possible translations for  "стихийная сила".
I also read other Russian-French dictionaries in print.

There are alternative meanings that are indicated. For "стихийная сила" there are also:
 "manslaughter", "man-made force".....etc.

So, "overwhelming force" can be also loosely translated as "fierce and relentless attackers."

With "стихийная", Lev Ivanov, who can be considered as a fine and subtle jurist, has wisely found the right word, who does not annoy anyone, who does not mean much, but which is not a lie.

Per Inge Oestmoen, once again, has found the correct explanation :

"I strongly suspect that Lev Ivanov understood quite well what caused the Dyatlov pass tragedy, and that the perpetrators of the crime were human, not aliens. He did everything he could. It might be that, if he had disobeyed his orders and performed a full and serious examination of the bodies and the injuries, " --->

Per Inge Oestmoen goes on to add :  It might be that...
---> "...his life would soon be cut short by some form of "accident.""

But Per Inge Oestmoen may be a tell the truth I do not know, but personally I would have rather added: There would have been...
---> "...various kinds of bullying and inconveniences for him and his family" 

I did not get anything useful from my reading of Lev Ivanov's and Stanislav Bogomolov's unspecific articles :  ->  (Mystery of the fireballs, Lev Ivanov, "Leninskiy Put", Kustanay, 22 and 24 November 1990)  ->  (Mystery of the fireballs, Stanislav Bogomolov, "Uralskiy Rabochiy", 8, 10, 11, 12 July 1990)  ->  (Interview with Stanislav Bogomolov,  December 6, 2019)

However, I approve this final passage from Lev Ivanov's text :

"... I trace this direct connection: real people are formed in such extreme situations. Courage, valor, strenght, will, nobility - all this is the result of a long, from a young age, formation of character, nature....... After all, when in February we came to the big cedar tree, near which the hikers tried to make a fire and carefully examined and compared everything, we were struck by the courage and stamina of the young people who fought for their lives and the lives of their comrades..."

Yes, the hikers fought with great fists against relentless and ferocious attackers !
Note: I noticed a very mysterious phrase in Bogomolov that could perhaps make you think of an Suffocating Device.
 "I think they died from suffocation, but did not freeze."
 "Думаю, они погибли от удушья, а не замерзли."


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