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--- Quote from: Tuffknorf on August 12, 2019, 02:15:43 AM ---Those are several thick broken branches. One could have been broken accidentaly but serveral no. Someone deliberately broke those off.
Gather firewood? Tho they had an ax at the tent. Cracked ribs becouse of falling?

--- End quote ---

Its debatable like so many things in this Dyatlov Case. But I would have thought it was possible for someone to break several branches while climbing up or down a Tree.

I mentioned this is another section, from reading notes it is stated the bodies were about 3 m or 9 feet from the fire? Why would they be that far from the fire? Also, are they certain the cedar tree branches were used for climbing or is it possible they were used to tie, pull up the tied hands of the people for interrogating, if they were in fact attacked? The higher branch was about 15 feet up in 1959 as stated in notes. I am just wondering if the attackers used the tree for interrogations of half the hikers and the other hikers were kept down at the ravine where they started making the den in case they would be let go? This might explain the knuckle wound in the one hiker which was found in his mouth, severe terror.

Separation and interrogation is standard police practice to gather stories without the other people being able to hear the answers and then the interrogators may have gathered together to see who said what and at that point the ravine hiker sneaked up and took some clothing off of the already dead hikers in hopes they could still survive?

It was mentioned in the scene there were fir branches and dry branches which would have been better for fire and it was wondered why the hikers cut the cedar tree branches? Maybe they did not.

Is it also possible after interrogating the hikers and breaking the cedar branch, they used that as a weapon against the ravine 4? The knife was not found by the cedar tree so either the interrogators had it or it was lost somehow.

I am assuming this as a theory that Seymon was planning on fleeing the country with help from people in the town Orotenen? It is a 1,776 mile distance to the Finnish border from there and maybe he was to contact someone when he got to Ortonen, but his plan was discovered or admitted by someone who said they would assist him cross to the border? If he was a tourist guide, he probably knew the maps of most of the areas including to the borders.

Just trying to figure on any scenarios....

Loose Cannon Thanks for the post.  Do the "now" set of images contain geolocation info?  I'm just wondering what the Lat/Long coordinates of the Cedar.

As far as the  cedar tree goes, someone climbed it up to 15 feet which is quite a way up a tree. The searchers said there were 3 or 4 branches of cedar underneath one of the dead hikers. I am wondering now if they were attempting to use the cedar limbs for a den instead of for burning, and if any of the cedar limbs were in the den that was found? Just a thought...


--- Quote from: JohnnyNumber6 on October 19, 2019, 12:51:54 PM ---Loose Cannon Thanks for the post.  Do the "now" set of images contain geolocation info?  I'm just wondering what the Lat/Long coordinates of the Cedar.

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Not that I have, but I believe the coordinates are already plotted into the map here... http://forum.dyatlovpass.com/index.php?topic=40.msg89#msg89


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