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Why move the bodies?

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Why move the bodies.. Why move Yuri and Georgy, what, 3 feet??

Seems like a military thing to do..Doesnt it?

Were attackers military  or Simon was   alive and well?? 

They would have been easy to find with both at the fire. Its not like they were scattered. And they are lined up i the ravine too.. Hmmm

Just seems like a military thing to do.. Any ex military  here that can answer that?

So what is used to determine the original position of the bodies ?

What do you mean?? I dont think Yuri and Georgy put themselves over there.. side by side.. And why would 4 people lie down in a ravine? But its not a matter of where they were, but where they are..

Yes, the military does do that.. Is that relevant here.. possibly.. I mean, I dont think they teach you  to line up the bodies in hikers school.. if  there is even such a thing..

 I dont think they died on the slope.. The others would have had to carry them, drag them, all the way to the tree line.. They would have been dead by then.Besides, I dont think Luda  or Simon could have endured that.  So, why take them to the ravine, another 100+ feet further, at that point? They would have lined them up right there,  like Yuri and Georgy.. .


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