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March 01, 2022, 08:09:28 PM
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Hello all,

Is there any merit to he idea that a requirement for a grade 3 certification entailed doing an emergency survival training exercise. Could this be the reason the tourists left the tent for the forest below? To date, I have no information as to what competencies must be demonstrated to achieve any grade level of certification in 1959.

What I do see is a voluntary test of skill and endurance being undertaken by the hikers to demonstrate emergency preparedness if that is necessary to achieve their certification. What I don't see is any evidence of form completion and official documentation of skill mastery by the group leader. It strikes me as odd  if certification is based on candid comments in a diary and equally candid snapshots. If so, then achieving the highest level of certification did not mean much!

Who among us knows just what the certification protocols were for the grades?

March 01, 2022, 11:54:35 PM
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Some information is available here:
As I understand to be given a category as a hiker you need certain number of treks of the appropriate category.
The trek itself is certified, not your skills. The fact you cover the trek is the criteria.
See the highlighted text in the article:

For example, for the third ski category (the one that was planned for the Dyatlov group), it was equal in total length to at least 300 km, of which at least 100 km they had to go with overcoming natural obstacles i.e. steep uphill climbs, steep descents, tracing (making a path in deep snow) ski tracks, moving through a dense forest with undergrowth, moving in a treeless area far from villages, etc.

The total duration of the trip was to be at least 16 days, including in a completely unpopulated area - at least 8 days. This means that the distance to the nearest village should be at least two large daytime crossings - at least 50, 60 km. Moreover, they had to make at least 6 nights completely in winter conditions. This means that they had to fully organize the night with only the set of equipment that they brought with them. The overnight stay in huts, shelters, or abandoned houses should not exceed 10 days out of 16.


March 02, 2022, 05:41:39 AM
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Thank you for your reply. There appears to be nothing to support the idea that hikers do a survival  exercise as a requirement for certification. Thank you for participation in trying times.