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Infrasound? Most unlikely.

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--- Quote from: sarapuk on December 11, 2020, 12:06:13 PM ---Infrasound ? Most unlikely. But lots of other wild theories are likely ?  KGB again  ?  Why is it that the KGB have to be linked to literally every type of mysterious event that happened.

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There are three reasons why we have reason to suspect that the KGB may be the orchestrators and executors of the Dyatlov Pass tragedy:

1. The nine students were very intelligent people who would understand what they had observed, if they indeed observed some secret activity in the Urals. This understanding made them a potential future threat to state security, should anyone among them tell others or let some careless words slip by to a friend or spouse. The Soviet regime was not one to take such risks.

2. The Dyatlov Pass tragedy seemed to be an accident, but at a close examination we see that the injuries they had suffered are compatible with human lethal attack - and only with human lethal attack. The injuries could not have resulted from any nonexistent avalanches, nor could they possibly result from falls. Thus, the fate of the nine hikers was the result of human action, and it is beyond doubt that the killers took great pains to make the whole thing look like an accident. If there had not been a sudden rise in temperature in the Kholat Syakhl area during the night of February 2, 1959, the mission would have been faultless since all the victims would have frozen to death as intended. As it were, the students had to be hunted down since even without proper clothing for winter (it was left in the tent when the students were driven out) they did not die rapidly as planned. Only very resourceful, determined attackers could have shown the discipline to do this, and the fact that none of the hikers' belongings were stolen proves that the objective of the attackers was to exterminate the nine. There must have been a reason for that.

3. The KGB was the most sophisticated, scarily competent and merciless intelligence and special operations organization known in human history. To orchestrate a ruthless murder and make it look like an "accident" in such a way as we can see in the Dyatlov Pass killings is typical of them.

Do we know for sure? No. The evidence we have, would not hold up in any court because the evidence that the nine were killed still does not prove the exact identity of the murderers. We shall not know with certainty until someone who knows tells the whole truth.

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You cannot state that the injuries could only have been caused by human lethal attack without 'Evidence'. And 'Evidence' of KGB involvement is also completely lacking. And not only that but some of these theories really are stretching credulity.


--- Quote from: mk on December 13, 2020, 12:57:56 PM ---
--- Quote from: sarapuk on December 11, 2020, 12:06:13 PM ---...Why is it that the KGB have to be linked to literally every type of mysterious event that happened.

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Hahaha!  I agree!  It's because they make such excellent villains.

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Yes along with the CIA, MI5, MI6, Mossad, and a whole host of other good Movie Makers fodder.

Star man:
I think infrasound is a possibility.   But not the most likely.

To add weight to the hypothesis that they were attacked by killers there needs to be a better explanation for the injuries.  A rifle blow to the skull?  OK, why not just bash all their skulls in with a rifle?  Why would anyone jump from 3 metres onto Lyuda and Semyon's chest?  And where would they climb to 3 metres to jump?  The chest injuries could not have been caused by repeated blows and result in consistent breaks of each rib at the weakest point forming a line of fractures.  If you look at x-rays of people who have suffered multiple fractures from repeated blows (sadly I have), you see the breaks are irratic. 

It is possible the hikers witnessed some military test.  Frame 34, Semyon's camera, reports of fire orbs in the sky.  I suspect that if this was the case that exposure to the test itself led to their fates.  Also this is a good reason to clean it up and brush it under the carpet.


Star man

Highly unlikely the KGB would have gone to so much trouble. A nondisclosure agreement under threat of imprisonment would have been extremely effective.


Nah... kidding me, right?

All this is useless conjecture and has no basis in fact. If TRUE ALL of the snow in the area, INCLUDING the tent would have been sent a good 500 yards away, including them.

No deal. Never happened.


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