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Hi, newbie here. My interest was piqued by a recent video made by a couple of Russian scientists on YT trying to prove an avalanche was what done it, their demonstration seemed laughable so I came here looking for facts.

I've browsed the forum for a couple of days and I have to say it's interesting and informative, lots of detail and great discussion.

My hypothesis (can't call it a theory without evidence) is the hikers fell out with the wrong person in Vizhay, perhaps a mixture of arrogant students lording it about and what they represented politically to a grim community was enough of a catalyst to seal their fate. Look at the photos of the place, it literally is hell, and they didn't exactly keep a low profile.

I gather there was tension between old regime and new, and they were a shining symbol of something which could cause significant resentment. If one of them (Dubinina?) spoke out of turn it might have resulted in a beating, but flashing a soviet ID card around and expecting to be waited on when people are struggling to survive is a dangerous game.

Put yourself in the position of someone living in that town, your life a constant struggle to make ends meet, imagine how you'd react seeing a group of well educated youngsters acting like care-free adventurers; and what the regime they represented would mean for your future.

They may have been followed, the famous blurred photo 17 might even be a picture of one of their assailants getting too close, every other photo on that film is pin sharp whereas that one perhaps was taken in haste. More likely the assailants knew their route and planned an ambush, perhaps the den was actually their base and they lay in wait. They may have cut down the saplings to use them for their own base, or as brushes to cover their tracks.

The tent was probably approached after dark and they were beaten through the canvas with sticks while making a huge commotion, and it may have been slashed with knives, forcing them to flee in whatever state of dress they were in. Some were overpowered on the way down the hill, those that made it to the tree line were left to die in the freezing cold. When the Yuris made a fire they were attacked again and tortured, the rest were beaten in brutal fashion and dumped in the stream.

Sorry this probably doesn't offer anything new. I welcome evidence to show it's wrong, as per the scientific method, but I think murder by persons unknown is the only way to explain their injuries, which are trustworthy facts. I doubt they were fighting each other, and a government cover-up seems far fetched. It's an interesting puzzle, some of the "facts" are dubious so you have to be selective, without cherry-picking.

I gather the moderator has just released a book, good timing! After just a few days thinking I can buy a copy and find out what really happened and save myself a bunch of time! :)

Anyhow, greetings!

This topic is a proper rabbit hole! The more you research the more intriguing it gets.

I've been reading Donnie Eichar's book Dead Mountain the last couple of days. I still think murder is plausible... but they'd have to be waiting in just the right place, find the tent in pitch black, and it's a big risk to attack nine able-bodied people equipped with knives and ice axes; even if you catch them by surprise.

So it got me thinking what would be the most probable natural phenomenon that could explain the DPI. All we're really looking for is a credible reason why they left the tent in such a hurry. I think most other things can be explained as a consequence.

Eichar's infrasound theory is interesting, presumably they could test it where the tent was located, but it seems unlikely to me it would panic them sufficiently. I tried an online test and it had no effect whatsoever, but it could be quite different on a mountain with howling winds!

Katabatic winds is also interesting, the idea reminds me of the film Day After Tomorrrow. Again it could be tested but you'd have to wait for exactly the right conditions. I could easily imagine the panic they would cause, but I think they would find time to grab their gear.

I'm also pondering a meteor shower causing an airblast or shockwave, something like the Chelyabinsk and Kunakshak events. If they exploded overhead that could easily cause panic. I could imagine the authorities covering it up as standard procedure, because they might not be sure if it indeed was an attack, and it would highlight the fact they had no defence against it.

A military rocket crashing into a nearby mountain could also be plausible, and would explain the cover up, but that would mean there must be a crater somewhere nearby. A nuclear test would have been a breach of the US/USSR moratorium... so we'll probably never find out.

I've also been reading about the Hamar-Daban incident, their sudden deaths are equally bizarre.

Online infrasound tests will not have any effect because speakers / headphones usually can't emit frequencies lower than 20Hz.

But also infrasound makes no sense as a reason to abandon the tent. If it's generated in the sky, it will spread in all directions, and walking away from the tent they would have quickly realised this and that their best option is to return and plug their ears.  lalala1

And re: nuclear test, to the contrary we would find out in fact the US found out the same day when Russia conducted two tests shortly after the test ban came into effect... There would have been political consequences at the time of another test violating the treaty and the US had capabilities to detect a test anywhere on Earth. So most likely there was no nuclear explosion

Just coincidence that it's quite close to the S-75 Dvina site that shot down a U2 the following year? It was already operational in '59...

I'm more inclined to look at natural phenomena, such as meteor explosions... there were some reports of lights in the sky but I think they were mid-Feb, iirc.

You're right, Manti, infrasound can't be transported via normal speakers or headphones. But as far as I know, findings suggest that just plugging your ears is not sufficient, because it's not only that you hear the sound, you feel it, too. It resonates inside your body, it might even equal the eigenfrequency of one or another part.

As far as I know (I've read it several times from different sources by now) you're right about the US being able to detect also very small nuclear explosions in the USSR, so I'd count that out as well.

Also as far as I know (by the reports of different interviewees according to the case files, I believe) there were light phenomena in the sky in the very night, that were seen by people in at least two cities nearby (Ivdel and Vizhay?).


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