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Игорь Б.:
Hi. I don't speak English. It's better if you translate from Russian than me. In the event of a translation error, it will be easier for you to guess the correct translation than for me.


Спасибо Игорь Б.

Очень мило с Вашей стороны. На самом деле перевод, похоже, очень удачный. Я не хочу отдавать должное вашим исследованиям и работе. Все это звучит очень правдоподобно. На данный момент я не уверен в расширенных зрачках, но все еще читаю много вашей информации.

Thank you Игорь Б.

That's very kind of you. Actually the translation seems to come across very well. I don't want to take credit for your research and work. It all sounds very plausible. I am unsure about the dilated pupils at the moment but I am still reading through a lot of your information.

Игорь Б.:
Why did only two people notice the yellow-orange stains on the clothes - Doroshenko's mother and Colonel Ortyukov?

Игорь Б.:
What did the yellow-orange stains look like?

Игорь Б.:
The skin color of the corpses has nothing to do with the wolverine's chemical weapons.


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