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Jean Daniel Reuss:

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The wolverine theory from Igor B. has the great merit of being coherent and complete.

However, it remains difficult to understand for me because its exposition is scattered among the 2231 posts that are spread over the 113 web pages of the site:

So, in summary, a wolverine, which is an aggressive animal, very active and which eats a lot, gets into the tent and pushes the hikers away thanks to its unbearable smell.
Then all the hikers die.

What I did not understand is why afterwards everything happens as if the wolverine mysteriously disappears.

She has corpses at her disposal which are nourishing and abundant food for her and yet she doesn't touch them, except maybe a little piece of Krivonischenko's nose

What happened? A wolverine is however a clever and intelligent animal, always interested in finding all kinds of meat.

Игорь Б.:
Ответы на некоторые заблуждения по поводу версии с росомахой.

"Если бы там была росомаха, она объела бы трупы и съела продукты":


Igor explains it in his 113 pages. It is not as large as it seems and he links all the questions you ask. I find it absolutely bewildering that you have difficulty navigating from his explanation and Igor b's exposition is quite simple.

1:The Dyatlov group camp on the slope.(bad weather)

 2:Wolverine finds its way into to the tent. Not to attack the group but just following it's nose and the smell of food.( Igor supplies examples and statements of other campers experiencing the Wolverine entering their tent. )

3: Panic by the group and by the Wolverine occur in the tent.

4:The Wolverine does not attack/ fight in this situation,it is not a fighting beast in that respect. The Wolverine is as scared/surprised by the encounter as the group. When the Wolverine (like a skunk) feels threatened or can't escape, it's immediate , instinctive reaction when in a extreme difficult situation , is to spray it's chemical toxic defensive weapon. A last resort. ( There are numerous videos on YouTube of the Wolverine fighting wolves etc ) but when in a situation that it can't control, the Wolverine will spray.

5: Igor B's hypothesis is that the the toxic spray is the reason for the exit of the tent. Not the fighting or threat from the animal but the chemical reaction , like a tear gas grenade. This is a strong odour that hurts the eyes and lungs. Given the possibility that it happened directly in the tent would only amplify the toxic spray. ( Just watch some riot videos and see what happens)

6: with this confusion and the fact that the Dyatlov group would know little about what just happened ,they left their belongings , leaving their equipment and discarding their sprayed clothing behind. Having suffered the irritant in its strongest dosage in a confined space, approaching the tent would add to the suffering to the group. ( By the way, skunk spray can knock a dog out) .

7: At this point we can forget the Wolverine, it's gone, it's ran off into the wilderness. The possibility of spray by the Wolverine also gives valadility to the reference of behaviour of the search dogs not willing to exit the helicopter. This is a indication of odd behaviour, also the fact that this was note worthy as to have been documented is interesting to me.

8:  as the foot prints show,the group left the tent and went towards the treeline..  Igor b then  explains /expands on what followed. It was a series of unfortunate events and the cold. He continues  by explaining why some had frostbite and others didn't for example and Why the ribs are broken in the way they were , as there are a number of different ways ribs break .....and the devil is in the detail.....( his 113 pages are linked to evidence based practice or medical examples) . There are explanations to the hand injuries, the body positions and why they occurred as a result of hypothermia.. (I have also found links to fractures of skulls from freezing ) .


In fact, Igor b"s explanation of the bodies and why they were found in their relative positions/ conditions is more interesting than the Wolverine part of the hypothesis. I would argue that his account of what followed the exit of the tent is the most  conclusive part of his argument against foul play / outsiders/ government badmen . 

Below is copied from Igor b's link. There is more than I have shown as it links to examples . But the Wolverine only plays a small part , it is the toxic stink that makes them leave the tent and it is that stink that stops them from returning to the tent .


Answers to some misconceptions about the wolverine version.

"If there was a wolverine, it would eat the corpses and eat the food."

Practically excluded and immediately for several reasons:

1. Stink.
From the tent and tourists smelled no longer of prey, but of the enemy. And the wolverine must distinguish between its own "marking" and "combat" smells (otherwise, why would it need different glands):

Otherwise, instead of the marked with her stash, she will again smell her recent enemy, from whom she barely swept her legs. Thus, a wolverine can mark his stash with a marking gland, urine, excrement, but never with the fluid of a fighting gland.

Products sprayed with the liquid of the battle gland will not be eaten by anyone, including the wolverine herself.
Not only because of the stench, but also because the mercaptans that make up this liquid are toxic.

2. Tearing
In addition to the stench, this weapon, due to its causticity, also has the properties of tear gas, whose effects in a confined space can last for several days:
For a week they could not enter the basement after the skunk attack without crying.

3. Fright.
Wolverine rarely uses his "chemical weapon" and if she did, then she was very scared. Why should she return to where she fled in fright?d it's defence weapon . It will not comeback to eat anything , neither will any other animal come near the bodies. ( Again , the

Игорь Б.:

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Ziljoe, большое спасибо за разъяснения на английском языке. Я думаю, русский язык для многих иностранцев является препятствием к пониманию.

Игорь Б.:

--- Quote from: Manti on June 20, 2022, 06:48:24 AM ---Even then there's no excuse for not taking all the coats (that were presumably sprayed), and towels with them.

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Я не знаю, что они говорят (перевод субтитров ужасен), но я вижу, что они избавляются от одежды:

Вещи, которые сразу же не вынесли из палатки с каждой секундой пребывания в очаге поражения всё больше и больше пропитывались вонью и стали совершенно непригодными к использованию кем-то ни было. Напомню, что непосредственное попадание жидкости на вещи необязательно:

Чтобы воспользоваться вещами, их нужно было выкидывать из палатки сразу же, мгновенно. Счёт шёл не на минуты, а буквально на секунды. Конечно дятловцы растерялись. Пока они выбежали из палатки, пока размышляли что делать дальше, время было упущено.


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