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May 30, 2021, 06:51:24 AM
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So I have a couple of question about what I would interpret as discrepancies in the case files regarding the den and the position of the last four bodies in the creek.

I am flabbergasted at how vague they are in specifying where the den is. They say it is fifty meters from the cedar. However, they do not specify in what direction...except in The Protocol to Close the Case. It is actually talking about the position of the bodies, and it states that they were: Seventy-five meters from the campfire in the direction of the fourth tributary of Lozva perpendicular to the way of the hikers from the tent.

So what I interpret this to mean is that we would draw a straight line from the tent to the campfire. And then at the campfire we would draw another straight line to create a 90 degree angle (perpendicular) with the first straight line, roughly heading north toward the Lozva. At the 75 meter mark that terminates the second straight line would be where we find the bodies.

The problem is that I have not found a map where anybody puts the location there. A lot of maps, like that of Sharavin, who I would consider to be the most reliable since he was actually there, place the den and bodies on the same relatively straight line with the tent and the cedar, usually only slightly off to the south or north. Other maps like Kan do put it a bit north of the escape route, however, not in anyway that could be described as a ninety degree angle. I realize the statement does not mean that it is exactly ninety degree, but all the maps I have seen do not even come close. So, I am assuming that this is an error in the official document?

The second discrepancy is the way the bodies were arranged in the creek. We have pictures, so we do not have to rely on a written description. Still, it seems kind of odd that someone who was on the scene would make a mistake in describing it. According to the protocol on when the bodies were found, it says: Two men and a third lay their heads to the north along the stream. Dubinina%u2019s body lay in the opposite direction with her head against the current of the stream.

Well, Dubininia is definitely laying against the current of the stream, but not in the opposite direction from the men, as they are perpendicular to her. If Dubinina head is facing south, then their heads are facing east, and if the current is moving north, then they are not laying along the current. In fact, the photographs clearly show they are not lying downstream. I mean, who wrote these documents? Why are there so many mistakes in them? Or maybe it is a translation error?
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May 31, 2021, 04:45:31 AM
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This reflects the latest review of the case files by the prosecutor's office and agreed upon researchers of the case. It is not our "version" of the discoveries, we only visualized it noting all the data from the case files. This is a visual from "1079" book.

You can also check prosecutor's office 3D model.
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May 31, 2021, 06:35:24 AM
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Thank you for the link to the model. Somehow I missed that on the website.