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Alleged slab slide that left no trace

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Charles replaced all his post with the words "nothing here" before deleting his account from the forum.
I am cleaning his mess.

It certainly doesn't look there was a traditional avalanche but there are  different types. We also have to consider the hiker's perspective and how they perceived events. I still lean towards environmental reasons to leaving the tent. I respect Igor B's research as he triangulates his observations with references to each stage . When I speak of the environment , I mean that it was weather conditions,animal, etc.

I have to give some respect to those that are more knowledgeable than I regarding an avalanche of some description.. I guess it would depend on if these experts have been at the location. From what I can observe of the tent location , the slope certainly looks very shallow but looking at the maps it seems to be steeper further up from the tent.

That's true, but there are also no signs of others having been on the pass, no footprints leading to the tent, no deadly injury sustained by 6 hikers. The experienced investigator concluded that no-one else was there, just the Dyatlov Group.

They did suspect the Mansi for a while and it would also have been more convenient to scapegoat them than leave the case unsolved, but they ended up not doing that.

It is clear that one can not take Nature to court. Nature is not going to compensate relatives of the deceased. On the other hand, if responsibility can be placed on a human, or human agency, then someone gains and someone loses. Conspiracy constructs are entertaining, fanciful and lucrative. Follow the money for both the author(s) of the theory as well as the players. A natural explanation is always going to be less satisfying.

Good contribution Charles. 31 layers. All the numbered layers are uniform in composition, depth and slope. Yes? Then the point is moot. Is there variability in composition, depth and slope? Yes? Then, there  is justification  for the slab slip explanation. I see from the photographic evidence a non uniform terrain and a non homogeneous assortment of mounds of snow, described as layers. If we factor in a group of fatigued hikers pitching a tent on a surface that appears favorable to them at the time, such as on the Lee side of a mound, then the combination of location, the non uniform composition of snow layers  and wind deposited overburden on the leading edge of the slab are sufficient for the slab slip to happen. We need no conspiracy. Bad things happen to good people.


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