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New variant of my book (Force majeure on Dyatlov pass)


Hello people!

I know aboit DPI from winter 1997-98, because my mother was born 1933,
and her cousin Lena (Feb.1938-Jan.2024) was wife of Moisei Akselrod (Sept.1932-March1998).
I was born 3/3/1976...

We were interesting again about DPI after connecting her by Skype

New variant to my book (in 3 volumes) is ready.
First version of trilogy (800 pages) - written during 4 months between (January 9,2023 - May 8,2023) - was placed here as reference a year ago in old topic.
During last 12 months i Prepared a new variant by extending it to 1600 pages.
Maybe you find answers to all your question. Otherwise tell me about your problem.

English (auto-translated) variant:



Russian (original) version:

ТОМ 1:

ТОМ 2:

ТОМ 3:

LAST ADDITION:Отдельным файлом сегодняшняя добавка 2 страницы к 3-му тому (треть мегабайта)

Здравствуйте! Моя книга "Форс-мажор на перевалe Дятлова" в 3 томах, в сумме на 1600 (1606) страниц
практически готова, но осталось править текст, где что не так...

Russan and English book were updated yesterday
(Yudin's 100 answers were moved to book1
Mikhail Brod was added to book 2, Chapter 6)
Links to my Google drive are the same, but three .pdf files were updated.

Bulgarian (auto-translated) variant of the same content (546+546+526 pages) has been prepared and added today (May 18, 2024):

Enjoy please!

I respect your work Axelrod. There is a lot of information in there.

I have prepared a new English variant during ths week-end, and will Improve it later.

I added some pages, so new variant is 560+540+544 pages. Nine Chapters are extended to twelve Parts.
I plan to extend each book from 560 or 576 pages (i.e. 18 blocks of 32 pages) during this summer.

I was interested in Dyatlov Pass Incident about 2 years ago. because this incident is connected with my relatevis (dead and alive).
I am a graduate of MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies in the town of Dolgoprudny near Moscow) in 1999.
So I am technical specialist (especially, I'm a PC/C++ programmer), but solving this problem was similar to combination set of 1000-3000 puzzles (I had such experience), mastering locks and keys in childhood and after 18 y.o. decoding computer programs and passwords via Assembler.

This problem with Dyatlov group is also interesting. Final solution come to me 1,5 year (17-18 months ago....) after 3-4 weeks of thinking during winter of 2022/23. It was 1.5 years ago... Then I was busy with these texts..

Files on Google Drive have been substituted by new files today, but their links are the same. I repeat them here.

English (auto-translated) variant:

(Force majeure on Dyatlov pass)
VOLUME 1 - a Mystery in Darkness
The face of these bright balls was terrible...
What happened next, we didn’t have to find out!

English BOOK1:

(Force majeure on Dyatlov pass)
VOLUME 2 - investigation anthology
But only the mountain knows that secret...
And we haven’t been able to find out this secret yet!

English PDF2:

(Force majeure on Dyatlov pass)
VOLUME 3 – the elusive solution
Distant past... They were blind...
How much they took with them!

English PDF3:

On the covers of three volumes are poems by Valeria Gamatina, the widow of pilot Patrushev.
One more epigraph - Just remember, colleague, the castle door lock will be strong...<br>
(Gentlemen of Fortune)

На обложках трёх томов - стихи Валерии Гаматиной, вдовы лётчика Патрушева.
ТОМ 1 - Тайна, покрытая мраком
Ужасен был лик этих ярких шаров…
Что стало потом, нам узнать не пришлось!

ТОМ 2 - Антология расследования
Но тайну ту знает лишь только гора…
И тайну узнать не дано нам пока!

ТОМ 3 – неуловимая разгадка
Далёкое прошлое… были слепы…
Как много с собою они унесли!

Ещё один эпиграф - Только учтите, коллега, замóк будет крепким…<br>
(Джентльмены удачи)</i>

Russian variant will be updated later.

If I understand correctly and some of this is quite interesting and has raised new perspectives for me , the film ( cinema film) Ignited, thus starting to smoke and heat up. You suggest that the film case is of a diameter of 31cm and may have been used to support the middle pole in the tent , because the tent has been pitched under tension and s that this is why the middle pole was found to be cut ( this makes some sense to me having used vertical poles in soft soil camping) . The first cut in the tent was to get the smoking toxic film container out whilst possibly causing some chemical burns to those handling it.

It's interesting because it gives a possible explanation for the states of dress of the hikers , almost like a slow fuse ?. No immediate panic by the group , but smoke may start build, perhaps a couple of small holes were made in the tent whilst they try to find the source of this toxic smoke in the low light of the tent, some start to put on footwear or clothes whilst the location of the cinema film can is found to be the cause? Perhaps the frozen blankets that were found were covered in water to try and stop what they thought was a fire , the toxic smoke is getting worse, the pole needs cut to get the film can , handling the film container causes burns ( which you suggest could be chemical). The toxic smoke is too much to bare , even to try and put on footwear or exit via the proper entrance so new cuts are made  so they can get out after inhaling these extremely toxic fumes from the chemicals of the cinema film.

So quite extensive harm has been done to lungs and eyes etc? 

I know I've not read it all, but that's what I think is being said. It certainly gives a good explanation for the differing states of clothing  and lack of footwear that every other theory struggles with.


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