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Star man:
First of all I liked it.  The narrative is well laid out with the different time lines progressively becoming more and more integrated, and each rich in detail with facts and information from the case files and witness statements, as well as new information from other sources.   It gives a real sense of the level of control, bureaucracy, and the harshness of the penalties (fair and unfair), for stepping out of line with the ruling cliques.  Also, the opportunities and inevitability of corruption within such a system.  I like the way that each character important to the narrative  has their own summary of their background.

The level of detail, research and analysis behind the words on each page is truly amazing, and necessary to resolve the case.  I am not sure how many will recognise the depth that has been achieved in the book .  The book is obviously written by people with passion, conviction tenacity and after reading it I realise my own efforts have only ever been a minor scratch on the surface.  Therefore I take my hat off to you both.  loco1

Saying all that, I do have questions.  Clearly you have presented a very compelling argument, that would surely defy any laws of natural coincidences.  I am interested in understanding how much evidence there actually is.  For example when relaying information from the archival materials of the Ivdel city soviet executive committee and information recalled by the 6 sappers that were sent to assist in the search, ( do you have copies of the records of the meetings?  did the sappers make signed witness statements)?  If you do have such evidence then I would think there can be no doubt about the events that followed the incident. 

Will leave it there for now as I have run out of time.


Star man

The book is a patchwork of information from documents.
Half of the text, if not more is in italics, which means it is citation.
Since the book became cumbered with reference notes from the start we decided to have all the supporting documents and photos listed on the site per chapter.

You can find the chapter where you have read about the participation of the sappers and see what documentation we have to show for that.
You mean Chapter 6  but the mother lode of the search documents is in Chapter 7.

Shestopalov's identity was discovered November 2020 by Natalya Varsegova (Komsomolskaya Pravda). Till that moment we only knew his last name. Please follow the links above to see the documents that support his role in the case.

As for Nigel Evans - this our own garden variety of a hater. This is what keeps me away from forums. There is nothing productive in pollinating with hatred every post that addresses the book. Nothing I say would change his mind because he is not quoting things from the book.

We never said the diaries are not genuine.
Ivanov apologized 30 years after the fact that he didn't do his job.
Urakov and Khrushchev were not in the know of the conspiracy.
Nothing we say would make Nigel Evans shut his trap so what's the point.
He is breathing hatred.

We inked a contract with the Dyatlov Foundation to print the book in Russian. They do not have 75 books about the case. Something must have impressed them in our book to want to publish it.

"Приобрёл вашу электронную книгу. Круто! Столько материала обработано!
И версия из разряда бином Ньютона. Впечатляет!
— Александр (Шура) Алексеенков, исследователь
"Got your e-book. Cool! So much material processed!
And the version from the category of Newton's binomial. Impressive!
- Alexander (Shura) Alekseenkov, researcher

From today's mail:

"Just finished my first read through and found it to be the most realistic and researched version of the events—and I have read probably all published books. I believe that this is most likely how it all went down. Kudos to the authors, well done." - Robert Templeton

"Well, I read it. Not an easy task, but the authors must have suffered much more compiling and filtering all this information, so it's a fair deal. The solution of the mystery? It's the most plausible, no - the only plausible solution I have seen so far. Most people will not like it though, there are no supernatural forces involved and the motivation of the people with power at the time is difficult to understand by someone who have not lived under communism of some form. So, for me the case is closed. Thank you Teodora Hadjiyska, well done!" - Dobrin Botev

I could not be silent on this matter. There are many on this forum who do not want this case solved. There are many that want a supernatural explanation for what happened. A ufo, yeti, and, of course, there is the ball lightening theory, and many more completely incomprehensible theories. Refusal to accept that it was a tragic accident is to refuse reality. The disbelief that it would be covered up in the way it was is completely understandable something the Soviets were masters of and still are to this day. A perfect example of this was the sinking of the Kursk, another tragic accident that was covered up by high ranking military. No one wanted to be the bearer of bad news because heads rolled when news arrived that no one wanted to hear and absolutely nothing got done to try and help those poor sailors trapped within that submarine until Putin was alerted to exactly how bad it was by the intelligence of countries such as America, England, and Norway, only then did his people have to come forward with the entire truth and heads did roll over it and he finally ordered his navy to accept international help. That is a perfect example of how things work in Russia. How can a sensible, thinking person not see how the DPI played out? And how can any reasonably intelligent person believe the group camped on that exposed ridge? This forum has turned into a mockery and that is very unfortunate because those nine people deserve better.


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