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Small addition:

Statement from Maslennikov about the tent before the search team started digging:

"The snow was not much, only drifted by the blizzards in the period of February." This statement is better than every picture.



--- Quote from: Star man on February 06, 2019, 11:38:20 PM ---The one thing that always sticks in mind with this type theory is Semyon’s camera.

I don’t very much he would have taken his camera outside to take a picture of an avalanche coming his way?

--- End quote ---

I seems that Semyon had his camera always attached to his jacket, see:

So, the camera was there if the jacket was there....



--- Quote ---After the initial shock of any alleged avalanche it wouldnt take them long to recover their composure. There would be no need to walk a mile without adequate protection from the extreme weather conditions.
--- End quote ---

Im not saying it actually hit them or the tent.  I do know where there is an avalanche, the danger of another very real. 

Star man:
Dominov.  Good observation on the camera. So Semyons camera is not a significant piece of evidence!


Think that's a flashlight.


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